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The Passive Real Estate Investor’s Guide To The COVID-19 Pandemic

I always thought that someday I would teach my 3-year-old to use Zoom. I just never thought it would be while he …

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Meet Goodegg Passive Investor John – Using Passive Investing To Build A Strong Nest Egg

Have you been looking for a way to diversify out of the stock market? Perhaps you’ve maxed out your 401(k), have put …

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How It Works – A Behind-The-Scenes Look At Goodegg Investments

I remember the first time I ever walked into an Anthropologie store, back when I was in college. It was a new …

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How To Start Living A Life By Design, Today And Every Day

Have you ever seen the movie Groundhog Day? In it, Bill Murray stars as a TV weatherman who is caught in a …

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How To Decode A New Investment Opportunity In Under 5 Minutes

Have you ever gone to Target without a clear purpose for what you want to buy? You grab a cart because, hey, …

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Goodegg Investments Is A Finalist For Startup Of The Year

Our Story The story of how Goodegg Investments came to be is very much in line with our overall mission and vision. We started out just wanting to help people. To share what we’d learned about passive real estate investing and to help others …

House Hacking 101 – How To Live For Free Through House Hacking

Have you ever heard of “house hacking”? Don’t worry, we hadn’t either, until just a few years ago. House hacking is when you invest in a multifamily property (usually a duplex or a triplex), live in one unit, and rent out the other(s). You collect …

Market Spotlight: Orlando, Florida

Real estate is hyperlocal. That means that, though the price of real estate may go up in one market, it might simultaneously be going down in a neighboring market. That’s why it’s so important to diversify across different geographies and to thoroughly research and …

Start With The End In Mind: Working Backward To Build The Life Of Your Dreams

Let me ask you something. If you could do anything, without having to worry about the restrictions of time, money, work, or other obligations, what would you do? Would you travel the world? Sleep in? Spend more time with your family?   Most people …

Stocks Or Real Estate? Which Is The Best Investment For You?

Deciding how to invest your money can be daunting. There are just so many options. You want to earn great returns while balancing your risk tolerance, timeline, and desired involvement. It’s hard to choose the best investments for your personal goals. The stock market …

5 Powerful Reasons You Should Invest In Self Storage

What do you hope to do when you retire? Will you sit on the beach all day? Travel the world? Sleep in every day? Yes, yes, and yes. I fully plan on all those things too. These days, roughly ten thousand baby boomers are …

How To Invest Money In Real Estate – A Guide For Total Beginners

Are you new to real estate investing? Have you been thinking about putting your money into real estate but aren’t sure exactly how to do it or where to start.   Don’t worry, we got you. We’ve been there, and we totally get it. …

Podcast: What New Investors Should Know About Passive Investing

When you’re first getting into the world of passive real estate investing, it can be completely overwhelming. It might seem like you’re reading a foreign language, like there’s a whole other world you never knew about, or like it’s just too hard and confusing …

What’s The Best Way To Grow $1 Million Over Time?

What if you suddenly came into $1 million? What would you do with it? Would you take a luxurious trip around the world? Pay off your debts? Buy a new house? Give the money to charity? The possibilities are endless. But, let’s say that, …

5 Ways To Diversify Your Portfolio To Maximize Long-Term Growth

I recently attended the Mom 2.0 Conference in Austin, TX, where one of the sponsors was WaterWipes. They were giving away packets of individual wet wipes. For the parents out there, you know how incredibly valuable wipes can be, especially in unexpected moments of …

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