Invest in real estate without being a landlord

At Goodegg Investments, we help you scale and diversify your real estate portfolio through investing passively in real estate syndications (group investments).

You get all the benefits of investing in real estate with none of the hassles of being a landlord. We’ll take over the heavy lifting, while you relax and enjoy the ongoing cash flow.

Our mission

As busy moms, we know firsthand how busy and overwhelming life can be.

That’s why we’re on a mission to help you create passive income for your family through real estate investing, so you can work less, spend more time with your kids, and focus on what matters.

To learn more, get your free hardcover copy of our book, Investing For Good ($24.95 value, yours free – just pay S&H).

"Goodegg Investments' passion for helping people build wealth for their families, while also making an impact in the world, is unparalleled."
Kevin Harrington
Original Shark on the Hit TV Show, “Shark Tank,” and Inventor of the Infomercial


Julie Lam - CEO
Annie Dickerson - COO
Lois Cavucci - Business Manager
Megan Lamke - Investor Relations
Quentin Brillantes - Associate
Salena Lewis - Executive Assistant
Janae Shields - Investor Relations
Riley Metcalf – Acquisitions Analyst
Stephen Bonifield – Asset Manager
"Our initial goal with passive investing was to replace one income, but now we’re thinking even bigger. Things seem more within reach now, in terms of time and finances, and we’re so excited about those possibilities."
Working Mom
Goodegg Investor Club Member & Investor

Ready to invest in real estate without being a landlord?

We know that it can be difficult to get started investing in real estate, especially when you’re already so busy.

That’s why passive investing through real estate syndications is such a good fit for so many busy families – you get all the benefits of investing in real estate with none of the hassles of being a landlord.

To get started, apply for the Goodegg Investor Club today. 

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