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Here at Goodegg Investments, we highly value transparency and strong communications with our investors.

To that end, if you’re curious whether we can actually do what we say we can do as far as getting you exceptional returns when you invest alongside us…

…you’re in the right place!

Through our Goodegg Investments Track Record & Case Studies, we’re opening up our proverbial kimono to show you our actual performance on all our exited deals to date.

What You'll Discover...

Details about each deal we’ve exited to date – including market, hold time, asset class, business plan, and more

The exact returns on each deal, including original projections versus actual realized returns

How to invest alongside us and achieve your investing goals so you can create your life by design

“We’ve been working with Goodegg Investments for 3 1/2 years and have seen a 30% return! I can’t emphasize enough what a life-changing trajectory this is for our family.”
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Looking to compare actual vs. projected returns?​

Look no further! We’ve rounded up case study snapshots for each of our exited deals, so you can instantly see our track record and performance. Did we meet, miss, or exceed projections? Find out now!

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