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New to the world of real estate syndications? Looking to place your capital in a recession resilient real estate investment? You’re in the right place, friend!

Hello and welcome! Let's start with you and your goals...

Is passive real estate investing right for you?

Before we dive into the ins and outs of real estate syndications (group investments), let’s start first with you and your investing goals, to determine whether passive real estate investing is the best fit for you.

As with any type of investing, real estate syndications come with their own share of pros and cons, as well as risks and benefits. That’s why it’s important to start with YOU and what you’re looking for, first and foremost.

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How do real estate syndications compare with rental property investing?

Even if you haven’t yet done it yourself, most people are fairly familiar with the idea of investing in a rental property – you buy a home that you then rent out to one or more tenants, and then you collect monthly rent payments.

It’s like Monopoly, but in real life.

As a property owner, landlord, and asset manager, you’re responsible for everything from taxes, mortgage payments, and insurance, to ongoing maintenance and repairs, screening new tenants, and deciding when and if to sell or refinance.

Because you have a very active role in the property and ongoing asset management, this method of investing in real estate is often categorized as a type of ‘active investing.’

On the flip side, you have real estate syndications, which offer a much more passive form of real estate investing.

Rather than taking on everything from acquisitions to asset management on your own, passive investing through real estate syndications gives you the opportunity to invest in real estate without taking on any of the responsibilities of being a landlord.

What does passive real estate investing give you?

In a nutshell, investing in a real estate syndication gives you all the benefits you would get from investing in a rental property on your own – including cash flow, equity, appreciation, and tax benefits – but without the hassles and time commitments of being a landlord.

Of course, on the flip side of that, because you would be investing as a limited partner passive investor, you wouldn’t be calling the shots the same way you would with your own rental property, where you would be the sole decision maker.

So, if you like being the one in control, making all the strategic decisions, working closely with a property manager to manage the asset, and rolling up your sleeves to get involved in the ongoing operations, then active real estate investing might be the best fit for you, at least a this point in your life.

On the other hand, if you’ve been wanting to invest in real estate but dread the idea of having to manage the asset yourself and potentially deal with tenants, toilets, and termites, then read on, as passive real estate investing just might be the ticket for you.

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Not sure which type of real estate investing is right for you?

Before we go further, we want to make sure that you have everything you need to determine which path is right for you – active or passive investing.

Here at Goodegg Investments, we focus on helping you invest passively in real estate syndications, where we manage the assets and investments on your behalf.

If that’s what you’re looking for, you’re in the right place. But if you’re not quite sure, check out the resources below to help you get a better grasp of which path is right for you, keeping in mind that this can shift as you go through different stages of your life.

On board for passive investing? Excellent. Let's dive deeper...

Our journey to discovering passive real estate investing…

If you’re reading this, then you’ve decided that passive real estate investing is the best fit for you and your investing goals. We couldn’t be more excited for you, and we’re doing a little happy dance in the background as you are reading this. 

We started investing in real estate syndications ourselves several years ago, after many years trying out rental properties, house hacking, and even flipping and hard money lending.

But with young kids in tow, we didn’t want to have to spend time dealing with late rent payments, tenant evictions, unexpected roof leaks and repairs, insurance claims, turnover costs, and all the other headaches that come with managing rental properties (even when you have a property manager).

That’s why personally, passive investing is such a great fit for us and our busy lives. We get all the benefits of owning real estate but don’t have to do any of the ongoing work. 

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As we started finding success with passive investing, our friends and family started to ask how they could invest alongside us, so we started organically telling them about the deals we were investing in. 

Ultimately, that organic sharing of information and opportunities became the impetus that led us to launch Goodegg Investments in 2018 – not only to help our immediate network, but to expand our reach and help as many people as possible to learn about the power of passive real estate investing.

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Interested in investing alongside us? We’d be honored.

Now before we dive into our track record, the types of deals we do, and how you can invest alongside us, we want to make sure you’re aware of the types of deals you are eligible to invest in with us.

Many of the deals that we do are what’s called Reg D 506(c). Don’t worry, you won’t be quizzed on this later; this is just a fancy SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) designation for many of the offerings we do.

One limitation of 506(c) deals is that they are open to accredited investors only. To qualify as an accredited investor, you must meet at least one of the following criteria:

1. Income – You make $200k per year as an individual (or $300k together with your spouse), have done so for the last 2 years, and intend to continue at the same level this year

2. Net Worth – You have a net worth of $1 million or more, not counting your primary home

Accredited? Woohoo!

If you meet one or both of these criteria, that means you’re an accredited investor, which means you qualify to invest in all our offerings. Pop the champagne!

As a next step, we invite you to read on to get to know us and our track record better, and to join the Goodegg Investor Club, where you’ll get instant access to our open investment opportunities.

As an accredited investor, you are eligible to invest in any offering that we put out. So go nuts!


Not yet accredited? No worries! You can still invest with us.

If you’re not quite at the accredited threshold yet, no worries. You should know that you are a big part of why we launched Goodegg in the first place – to help everyday people just like you to achieve extraordinary things and to build generational wealth for your family.

Here at Goodegg, we all started out as non-accredited investors too, and we know how daunting it can be to get your bearings to begin your wealth building journey.

That’s why we spend so much time and effort making sure that you have all the resources and information you need so that you feel comfortable and confident with your investment decisions.

We’ve personally seen firsthand the power of real estate investing in catapulting your wealth – often at a much faster clip than you could achieve through traditional investing (stocks, mutual funds, bonds, etc.).

Of course, there are many ways you can invest in real estate as a non-accredited investor, including fix-and-flips, wholesaling, rental properties, short-term rentals, and more.

However, as you’ve probably realized, most of those avenues require you to put in a good amount of work to acquire and manage the asset, either upfront, ongoing, or both.

And while some of those strategies could build your wealth faster than passive investing, they may not be the best fit for you and your life. That’s why, if you’ve determined that passive real estate investing is a good fit for you, we have good news!

We do offer some passive investments for non-accredited investors. Unlike the 506(c) deals for accredited investors that you read about above, these deals are what’s called Reg CF (Regulation Crowdfunding) deals.

Reg CF allows us to open our investments to ALL investors – accredited or not. While the specifics of each offering may differ, you should know that in most cases, the projected returns for 506(c) and Reg CF deals that we do are comparable or even identical.

What that means is that, even if you’re investing as a non-accredited investor, you’re still getting the same returns and growing your wealth at the same pace as accredited investors. 

To see if you’re eligible for any of our current investment opportunities, click here.


Additional Resources For Non-Accredited Investors

Whether you decide to invest in one of our offerings for non-accredited investors, or you decide to build your wealth using another strategy, we want to make sure you are armed with as much info as possible. 

Here are some of our top resources for non-accredited investors:

“We’ve been working with Goodegg Investments for 3 1/2 years and have seen a 30% return! I can’t emphasize enough what a life-changing trajectory this is for our family.”
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Goodegg Investor Club Member & Investor

Now the question you should be asking is – is Goodegg right for you?

Finding the right team to invest with…

Once you’ve decided that passive real estate investing is right for you, the next step ahead of you is to find the right team to invest with.

When you invest in a rental property on your own, there’s not a third party making decisions on behalf of your investment, meaning you retain all the control.

However, when you invest in a real estate syndication, you are investing with a team of professionals who manages the asset on your behalf. 

Of course, this is precisely why you’re investing passively in the first place – so you can sit back while someone else does all the heavy lifting – but that’s exactly why you need to take time to find the right team to invest with.

A team that not only has a strong track record of delivering on investor returns so you can trust in their projections, but also a team whose values align with your own, so you can rest assured they’ll do right by you and your investment.

 In fact, don’t take it from us – check out what investors are saying about us and their experience investing with Goodegg…

Here’s what you should know about us and our story…

The first thing you should know about Goodegg is that the company was created by two busy working momsJulie Lam and Annie Dickerson – who had each independently stumbled upon passive real estate investing as a genius way to build wealth for their respective families.

Because Julie and Annie are all about empowering and inspiring others to create a life by design and maximizing our collective impact together, they created Goodegg Investments to help other women, moms, families, and busy professionals to learn about and invest passively right alongside them.

To date, Goodegg has acquired over $1.3 billion worth of commercial real estate assets together with our partners.

Our bread and butter has always been Class B multifamily assets, though more recently we have transitioned to Class A multifamily assets as well, to decrease downside risk, and we’ve expanded to self-storagehotels, and diversified funds to offer further diversification to our investors.

Our portfolio has a strong presence in markets that are in the path of progress and have strong evidence of present and future growth.

On top of that, our asset management team is both savvy and nimble as we continually evaluate the performance of each asset and fine-tune our strategies to best optimize the health of the asset and maximize investor returns.

As investors ourselves, we are always keeping a strong pulse on what’s going on in the market and making investment decisions not only to help you build wealth but also to protect and grow our own capital as well, which we invest right alongside you.

A bit more about us and places we’ve been featured…

Julie and Annie are the authors of the popular book Investing for Good and hosts of the Life and Money Show podcast – rated among the top 1% of podcasts globally.

Goodegg has been featured on a few high profile podcasts, including…

  • So Money with The Oprah Magazine’s financial columnist Farnoosh Torabi
  • HerMoney with NBC Today Show’s financial editor Jean Chatzky
  • Millionacres by the Motley Fool
  • And many, many others – you can listen to them here

On top of that, we are proud to have been awarded…

  • Best Real Estate Syndication Company in North America by BUILD Magazine
  • One of America’s Top 50 Most Influential Companies by CIO Bulletin
  • Real Estate Investor of the Year by the Motley Fool

We have also been featured on…

  • Business Insider
  • Forbes
  • Yahoo Finance
  • MarketWatch
  • BiggerPockets

Making a meaningful impact together…

On top of all that, we are proud to continue to commit to our mission of doing good, not only through our work in local communities, but also via Goodegg Gives, through which we donate a portion of our proceeds from each acquisition to nonprofits chosen by all of you.

Since inception, Goodegg Gives has donated thousands of dollars to worthy causes around the world.

In addition, our Moneywise Kids program is an initiative that fosters financial literacy, investing, and entrepreneurship for children and young people.

Through Moneywise Kids, we hope to help shape the way the next generation navigates their finances, start investing earlier in life, build businesses to change the world, and ultimately create their own meaningful and intentional life by design.

If all of this resonates with you, your goals, and your values, we invite you to read on to learn more about how you can invest alongside us.

Get to know us…

We know it can be tough to build trust with a company you found online, especially one that’s purporting to help you grow your wealth through hands-off real estate investments.

That’s why we work hard to foster a strong community, so you can meet other investors who are seeing success, meet our team and see that we’re real people too, and get a chance to ask us your questions.

Below, you’ll find our calendar of upcoming events. Be sure to click the +GoogleCalendar button at the bottom right to subscribe so you don’t miss future events

Ready to dive deeper? Let's talk about the actual investments...

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve likely decided that passive real estate investing is the best fit for you.

As such, we invite you to join the Goodegg Investor Club – a community of like-minded individuals, who are looking to build wealth for their families.

Together, we invest in commercial real estate assets in growing markets all around the country. We’re investors ourselves, and we invest alongside you in each offering. 

Not only that, but our moms, dads, aunts, uncles, siblings, and friends are invested in these deals right alongside you too.

Thus, you can rest assured that we scrutinize every deal extremely carefully, put it through our gauntlet of stress tests, and ensure each asset receives our undivided attention when it comes to asset management.

Goodegg’s signature 3-step approach to smart acquisitions…

On that note, we wanted to take a moment to talk about Goodegg’s signature 3-step approach to getting deals to the table for our investors. This is an important piece to understanding how we are able to feel so confident about the opportunities we bring. 

#1 – Team

First, we assemble a stellar team where we are not only experts in the markets and asset classes but also deeply experienced with the business plans we plan to implement to ensure successful acquisition and operation of the deal. 

Anyone can make a deal look great on paper, but when unexpected surprises come up (which, let’s be frank, they always do), you want a strong team advocating on your behalf and making wise, strategic on-the-go decisions to protect and strengthen your investment.

That’s why we prioritize team first and foremost, to ensure we have the expertise on the team to weather anything that comes our way during the life of each project.

#2 – Market

Second, we dive a step deeper into the submarkets of the greater metropolitan areas we have pre-selected based on extensive data analysis.

In particular, we look for submarkets that present strong evidence of recession resilience through historical, present, and future growth opportunity. 

Focusing on the team and the market first provides a solid foundation for each deal and ensures long-term success as market conditions continue to ebb and flow. 

#3 – Opportunity

Once we have the team and market in place, only then do we move to the third and last step, which is to evaluate the opportunity that the deals themselves offer. 

The first thing that you should know is that we have very strict criteria when it comes to the types of deals we pursue. This is so that we can mitigate risk as much as possible, while also maximizing the potential returns for you as an investor. 

The vast majority of deals we look at do NOT meet those criteria. In fact, we might look at a hundred opportunities and only move forward with a small handful. 

Having clear guidelines for our “buy box” allows us to move quickly through evaluating potential deals and knowing exactly if and when to invest further time into an opportunity.

If a deal passes our initial round of requirements, only then will we invest significant time conducting a deep analysis of the deal that really focuses on the risks and the upside.

In all our analyses, site visits, and stress tests, our goal is to ensure that we are offering a risk-mitigated investment that focuses around capital preservation and potential for exponential growth.

What all that means is for you is that, by the time a deal hits your inbox, you can rest assured that we’ve put it through the wringer and are 100% confident in our ability not only to manage the asset well but also to execute on the proposed business plan and thus meet or exceed investor return projections.

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Our track record of success…

As mentioned, our signature 3-step approach allows us to move through deal evaluations and make offers confidently and quickly, thus surfacing the best of the best opportunities for you.

It allows us to invest significant time and energy only on the opportunities that we feel strongly about, resulting in us bringing only the right deals to our investors. 

After successfully going full-cycle on 20 deals to date where we have averaged a net 22.3% IRR and a 24.9% average annual return – it’s clear that this approach continues to serve us and our investors well. 

Ready to invest with us?

If you’re still with us, kudos to you! It’s clear you’re serious about investing and building wealth for yourself and your family.

Now that you have a better understanding of who we are, what we’re all about, and our ability to help you reach your investing goals, the time has come to decide whether and how to move forward.

If you’ve been nodding your head this whole time and are excited by the potential of investing with us and making an impact together, we invite you to join the Goodegg Investor Club, through which you’ll be able to see open investments we have and stay in the loop on future deals.

Down below, you’ll find more information about how to get started. We couldn’t be more excited that you’re considering investing with us, and we very much look forward to partnering with you on an upcoming opportunity!

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Ready to invest alongside us?

There’s no better and more reliable way to build wealth for your family than to invest passively in real estate syndications.

To start your real estate syndication investing journey, join the Goodegg Investor Club today.

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