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Work with us – learn how to raise more capital for YOUR real estate syndications

Are you eager to raise more capital for your own real estate deals and to build a brand that will change lives?

If so, we’d love to help you get there. One of our biggest passions is helping people just like you to build and scale your business, so you can do bigger deals and make a bigger impact.

To start, we’d like to share with you some of the insights we’ve gained over the years on how to effectively raise capital for your real estate syndication deals, scale your business, and achieve massive success – just scroll down!

And if you’re interested in working directly with our team, we’ll also share more down below on our mentorship offerings, in case they make sense for you and your goals.

Intro to raising capital

If you’re putting together your own real estate syndications, you know how important it is to be able to quickly and effectively raise capital from private investors, particularly if you’re scaling up and acquiring deals at the $10M, $50M, or $100M+ price point.

Raising capital means you’re educating potential investors on what it means to invest passively in real estate syndications, helping them throughout the investment process, and serving as their guide and main point of contact throughout the lifecycle of each investment.

Why focus on raising capital

You know what they say – if you can command the capital, you command the deal.

It can be quite an expensive and risky venture to try to put together a real estate syndication, particularly if you don’t have the right team in place, so why not start with the low hanging fruit?

For many people, the easiest and lowest risk way to get started in doing their own real estate syndication deals is to build up their investor base (usually starting with friends and family), increase their raise capacity, and join the general partnership on a deal with a more experienced team.

As you increase your prowess in raising capital, you can then more easily move into the other areas and start to command more of the deal.

Is raising capital right for you?

A lot of people get intimidated at the thought of raising capital or talking to people about money. It’s definitely something that plagued us in the beginning too.

But what made the difference for us was realizing that raising capital isn’t about forcing someone to invest in your deals, and it isn’t about high pressure sales.

Rather, raising capital is about education. It’s about helping others to understand what these opportunities are all about, and if it makes sense, to give them the opportunity to invest alongside you in an effort to growth their wealth and change their life.

How to get started in raising capital

The best way to get started in raising capital is to start organically talking about real estate investing with your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, and anyone else who will listen.

Aim to understand their pain points and aspirations as it relates to money and finances, and tell them about what you’re doing in the space.

And if you haven’t already, we highly recommend investing as a limited partner passive investor in another syndicator’s deal, so you can understand the process from the viewpoint of the passive investor.

Through the conversations you have, you’ll get to know whether this is the right fit and whether this is a viable business venture for you.

Creating your investor avatar for raising capital

One of the most important things you’ll do when you start out raising capital is to define your target audience. Whom are you trying to serve through the business you’re building?

We recommend getting intensely granular with this, down to the point to creating a fictional persona (we call it your investor avatar). Give your investor avatar a name, age, family, job title, income, etc.

What this will do is give you an anchor point for your brand and help you create brand consistency. Everything – from your website and logo to your blog posts and emails – will come back to this person. What do they want or need, and how can you best connect with them, based on where they are right now?

Creating an effective website for raising capital

Once you figure out your ideal investor avatar, start to build out your brand – your business name, logo, website, and more.

Your website should clearly and effectively communicate with prospective investors exactly what you do, how you can help them, how the process of investing with you works, and how they can get started.

And remember, the most effective websites for raising capital focus on value first. That is, how can you lead with the value you provide – through blog posts, videos, and other content to help educate your investors? 

Through educating and empowering them, you’ll start to build trust, which will get them more comfortable investing in your deals.

The importance of automations in raising capital

When you’re raising capital from private investors, there’s a lot of trust involved, especially if you’re reaching beyond friends and family and having strangers from the internet find you and wire you $50k+.

Investors are smart. And they’re reading between the lines on every single touchpoint with you and your brand, including your response time, cadence of communications, level of detail, and more.

When you’re manually reaching out to and following up with each investor, it can be easy to drop the ball. And that’s where automations come in.

Through building effective automations to follow up with investors, you get to move your investors through the process without driving yourself crazy, doing a ton of manual work, or dropping balls left and right.

Automations allow you to create a seamless experience for your investors the first time and every time.

The legal and compliance side of raising capital

When you’re getting into raising capital, keep in mind that real estate syndications are highly regulated by the SEC, which means that you’ll need to be keenly aware of the regulations and guidelines (this is where a good mentor can really help you).

First, you’ll need to understand the difference between different types of syndication offerings. The most common ones are 506(b) and 506(c). Each comes with its pros and cons, as well as its own set of regulations as to who can invest, whether it can be advertised, and more.

Once you get clarity on the types of offerings, you’ll also need to understand your roles and responsibilities as a member of the general partnership (GP)

The SEC clearly stipulates that raising capital cannot be your only role; you must have other responsibilities as part of the GP. 

You also cannot be compensated for the amount of capital you raise. Given all the regulations, we highly recommend you consult your own attorney before getting started.


How to scale when raising capital

If you’re already raising capital, kudos to you! The hardest part is getting started. Once you’re consistently able to raise $500k or more, sponsors start to take notice and start inviting you to the table on more deals.

However, scaling from raising $500k per deal to raising $1M, $2M, $5M, and beyond is no easy feat. Doing so requires systems and processes, as well as growing your team.

You’ll want to continually look for opportunities to optimize efficiencies, to refine your target audience, and build more automations. Doing so will help you attract the right investors and ensure they’re getting the optimal experience.

Want to work with us in taking your capital raising to the next level?

We’ve been extremely fortunate to see the massive success we have in such a short amount of time. Within the first 4 years of business, we’ve done 35+ syndications across $1B+ in assets.

During that time, we’ve relentlessly refined and honed our systems, processes, and automations so they work like a well-oiled machine.

These days, we can raise millions of dollars with the click of a button, and we want to help you do the same.

Through our Real Estate Accelerator Mentorship Program, we’ve taken all of our systems, processes, and automations, and we’ve white-labeled them so that YOU can use them in your business. It’s like a capital raising business in a box.

Here's how it works

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Start here

Start by learning more about our signature program, the Real Estate Accelerator (REA). If it makes sense, apply to join the program.

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We'll help you leverage our exact systems, processes, automations, templates, and more – to build an effective capital raising machine.

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Once you've designed the ideal experience for your target investors, we'll show you exactly how to attract the right investors for your deals.

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As you start attracting investors and helping them to invest in your deals, we'll help you scale your business for massive success.

Real Estate Accelerator

The Real Estate Accelerator

Are you looking to raise capital for your own real estate syndications? If so, you’re in the right place.

The Real Estate Accelerator is our flagship mentorship program – ideal for helping you…

  • Design an effective website to attract investor leads
  • Build systems and automations to attract and nurture investors
  • Ensure your business is set up for success so you can raise capital and do more and bigger deals

Whether you’ve raised capital before or are new to the world of commercial real estate syndications, the Real Estate Accelerator will help you take your business to the next level so you can attract the right investors, raise more capital, and do more and bigger deals.

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REA Edge

If you already have a strong brand with effective funnels and automations to attract and nurture the right investors but are looking for ongoing support with content creation, elevating your brand, and driving more traffic to your site, the REA Edge program was designed just for you.

We’ve tried a lot of marketing strategies over the years to figure out what works in terms of finding the right investors. 

We’ve packed all the best strategies into REA Edge – and best of all, we do it all for you and customize everything for your brand so you always have fresh content on your site.

Note: We recommend going through the Real Estate Accelerator program first and then leveraging REA Edge for ongoing content, but we’re happy to discuss your unique situation and goals. 

Ready to raise more capital?

If you’re ready to go from raising under $500k to raising $1M, $5M, $10M, and beyond for your real estate syndication deals, we’re here to help.

Start by learning more about our signature mentorship program – The Real Estate Accelerator – and if it makes sense, let’s hop on a call to see how we can best support you in reaching your capital raising goals.

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