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Kim is a former collegiate athlete, Communications and Events Leader, Wife, Mom, and student of soulful studies focused on helping people find more purpose and meaning in their lives.

She combines communications expertise supporting executives at companies like Microsoft, Old Navy, and Under Armour, together with deep study and life-earned wisdom to help people connect to and share their one-of-a-kind story. 

Through her namesake business, Kim weaves communications and events expertise, alongside tools for people to connect to and investigate their own inner story. With an inherent belief that everything we need is already inside us, her goal is to help people flip their focus inward to create more alignment and purpose.

Kim and her husband have a passion for real estate investing, and see it as a key component of their own life by design. You’ll find Kim writing pieces on the Goodegg Investments Blog, primarily focused on tools to build your own Life By Design, and the big role real estate investing can play in the journey. 

Connect with Kim:

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If you’re interested in investing alongside us, we invite you to join the Goodegg Investor Club, a community of investors just like you who are looking to build wealth for their families.

We’ll do the heavy lifting of finding great deals, vetting teams and markets, and managing the assets. You get to sit back and enjoy the passive income and live a meaningful and intentional life by design. 

The Latest From The Goodegg Blog

New To Passive Real Estate Investing?

These days, there’s sooo much information about real estate investing. It can be hard to sift through everything and find exactly what you need.

If you’re getting started with passive real estate investing, start by signing up for our free Passive Real Estate Investing 101 course. 

You’ll receive 1 email a day for 7 days, full of exactly what you need to get started with passive investing.

Check Out Our Track Record Of Success

When you’re looking for the right team to invest with, one of the most important things you can do is get to know their track record.

In other words, can they deliver on the returns they’re projecting? 

In our track record deck, we’ll walk you through case studies of every deal we’ve exited to date, including original projections and actual returns.

Check Susan Out On The Life & Money Show Podcast

Every week, we’ll bring you fresh new conversations with real estate investing experts, passive real estate investors, industry leaders, and more.

Listen in as we chat about the best ways to build wealth for your family, dive into their inspirational stories, and share actionable strategies that you can use to catapult your investing journey. 

Learn To Raise Capital For Your Own Deals

Are you thinking about syndicating your own deals? Or perhaps you’ve already started syndicating and are ready to take your business to the next level. 

Through our Real Estate Accelerator program, we’ll show you the exact tools, strategies, funnels, automations, and templates we’ve used to build our business, so you can reach massive success in a short amount of time.

Looking For Something Else?

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Have a specific question you want us to weigh in on? Stuck somewhere and need some outside perspective?

I am happy to provide one-on-one private coaching, consulting, or strategy sessions. Contact me for more details, and we can set something up.

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