The Goodegg Investor Club is a community of investors just like you, who are investing in real estate syndications so they can build passive income and live their best life.

Join the Goodegg Investor Club, and we will connect you with real estate syndication opportunities that will put your money to work for you right away.

We’ll be with you every step of the way, answering your questions, pointing you to resources, and listening to you fears and doubts.

And when you get that first cash flow check, when you start to see the power of having your money work for you, we’ll be there to celebrate with you.


Goodegg brings a completely fresh perspective to real estate investing. They demystify the complex and lead with a message of brightness, optimism and much-needed levity.

Goodegg delivers for their investors – keeping them informed and engaged every step of the way. They prioritize their investors and keep them engaged with some of the best real estate educational content currently available.


Working Dad, Syndicator, and Passive Investor

I feel like it’s opened up a whole world of possibilities.

Shannon, Working Mom and Goodegg Passive Investor


Goodegg’s content and education is top notch and provides just what’s needed for investors at every stage of their journeys – from the first-time investor to extensive resources for those with years of experience. Their transparency in sharing real-world scenarios is refreshing and relatable.


Co-Host of the Frenzied to Financial Freedom Podcast,
Syndicator, and Goodegg Passive Investor


The Goodegg Investor Club is free to join and is open to everyone, newbies and seasoned investors alike.

Join hundreds of people just like you who are investing passively in real estate syndications so you can create a passive income, stop worrying about money, and start living your life exactly as you’ve always wanted.

We’ll help you learn whether passive investing is right for you and how to invest in your first real estate syndication so that you can start living your best life.