Your 10-Year Plan To A Remarkable Life By Design

Picture this: you’re about to leave on a trip. Your bags are packed, the pre-vacation anticipation is pulsing, and you’re heading for the door, but there’s one catch…you have no idea where you’re going or who’s coming with you. 

This sounds crazy right? Who would go on a trip without getting some basic, essential details on paper? 

A Moment Of Honesty 

Let’s pause for some truth-telling: Many of us are currently live life like this. Caught in the busy hustle and rat race, knowing we want something, yet we haven’t dedicated the time to reflect on what that something is, and how we can achieve it. Instead, we continue sprinting, living on auto-pilot, hoping it will all work out. 

Between the juggle of back-to-back meetings at our jobs, dealing with what’s for dinner, and trying to squeeze in some self-care, dedicating time to map a vision and the accompanying roadmap to support us can feel near impossible. 

Trust us, we’ve been there. We had times in our own lives where we could barely catch a breath, let alone think about the future. That’s exactly why we started Goodegg Investments, to create opportunities for ourselves, and others to breathe, find some peace and support, and eventually…realize, and go after the life we really want.  

Empowering Your Life By Design

You’ll often hear us talking about Life By Design, because it’s how we’ve built our own lives. When we dedicate the time, and brainpower to focus on the person we want to be, and how we want to spend our days, we open new possibilities.

Life By Design (rather than Life By Default) is about applying intention, and attention, toward consciously building life on your terms. It’s your ideal life – packed with meaning and purpose – that you can touch when you close your eyes, that brings you lasting happiness, fulfillment, and that makes you feel like you’re truly getting the most out of this one precious life you have to live. 

If you’re curious to learn more about Life By Design, we have a few conversations on our podcast, the Life and Money Show, and our blog that you can check out to support you on your journey. Here are a few of our favorite episodes and posts on this topic: 

What if you could get one step closer to living life on your terms today? That’s exactly what we’ll cover in this guide. 

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The Joy Of Learning

Part of our Life By Design is following our curiosity to new exercises, modalities, and information to help us grow, and to step into more authentic versions of ourselves. We get a lot of joy out of sharing the new ideas and concepts that we learn, and we hope it supports you in designing a life that enables you to live life on your terms. 

As part of our learning journey, you’ll often find us with our nose in a book, or headphones in ears while on a walk or car ride, getting inspired by others by thinking and learning from how they’ve navigated stepping into a lifestyle that feels like success for them.

Because the truth of the matter is, success leaves clues. And that means that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to your Life By Design. You simply need to find and model what others have done and the lead that they have already set, and then add in your own flair.

A Simple Exercise That Could Change Your Life 

One example of this was an exercise we heard about via the The Tim Ferris Show. We were all ears when we heard the pitch of a plan to live your dream life. Tim Ferris is a self-proclaimed ‘self experimenter’ and best-selling author best known for his book The Four Hour Workweek

In other words, he’s our people. He studies and interviews world-class performers and delivers insights and tools we can all benefit from. 

In episode 214, Tim interviews Debbie Millman, a renowned writer, designer, educator, artist, and brand consultant. She has a long list of accomplishments and is generally living an inspiring life. In the episode, she talks about an assignment she participated in herself, which she now gives to her graduate students because it achieves ‘magic results.’ 

This assignment helped both her and her students declare, and live into the life they had dreamt of…10 years down the road. 

The exercise which Millman calls “Your Ten-Year Plan for a Remarkable Life” has a track record of life-changing results through aligning your actions with your goals. 

Here it is: Brainstorm, and write a detailed description of your life, 10 years from now. 

Millman provokes students to: “Dream big, dream without any fear. Write it all down. Put your whole heart into it. And write like there is no tomorrow; write like your life depends on it because it does.”

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Do You Believe In Magic?

The magic suggested as a byproduct of this exercise is what can happen when we really feel empowered by leaning into a Life By Design. It’s the result of letting our thoughts become ridiculously specific about how we want our lifestyle to look, and feel like, so that we set goals to build it.

This exercise is also a north star to help guide you. If, and let’s be real, when things get hard, having a bigger ‘why’ keeps us focused, motivated, and disciplined in the direction of our ideal life. It keeps us on the path, and away from the temptation of quitting, because there’s something bigger driving us. When we know what we’re shooting for, we can keep putting in the grit and grace to go after it.

Why This Matters. 

This life is the one shot you get at building something that brings you pride, happiness, excitement, fulfillment, passion, purpose… you fill in the feeling that resonates. 

When we’re moving at the 100 mph pace that current life demands, it is easy to detach from what we really want and replace it with ‘good enough’. Good enough has its time and place, however, when the subject matter is our life, we deserve a higher bar than that. 

The reality is that life isn’t going to slow down anytime soon, which means, we need to take control, pay attention, and get back in touch with the deepest dreams that we have for our path. We have to tune into our motivations that get us fired up, and ready to get out of bed in the morning, and achieve our goals. 

Need more motivation to do the exercise? Here’s Debbie’s take from the podcast: “I can’t begin to tell you how many letters I get from students from 10 years ago that are like ‘Debbie, it all came true.’ How did this happen?’”

Below, you’ll find your step-by-step guide to achieve your own ‘Remarkable 10-year plan’.

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Step #1: Carve Out The Time And Place To Focus 

We all know it can be hard to get into that ‘dreamy’ headspace. But planning to set an intentional pause to slow down, and get in touch with what you want can help supercharge this exercise. So, set yourself up for success, and determine when and where you’re going to do this. 

To solve for when: we recommend setting a designated time on your calendar for this exercise. Block off a chunk of time in the next week or two, and add it to your calendar so that meetings and such don’t crowd out your time.

Think about this as an important, non-negotiable business meeting (or keep it light…date!) for you. Get your childcare in order, shut down the distractions, and commit. By declaring the time, you’re more likely to stay accountable to it and one step closer to beginning your journey to living you Life By Design.

Next, the place. Is there a particular spot where you do your best thinking, or writing? Maybe your most thought provoking location is at the kitchen table, or a coffee shop with buzzy energy, or a park with a view. Think about a place that will bring you a sense of happiness, have limited distractions, where you can dedicate your full attention and truly tune into what you want. 

Step #2: Set The Scene 

Next, what are you bringing to that special space you’ve identified? For us, it’s a big, hot, rich cup of coffee (cream and sugar, please), a playlist with a beat, and our favorite journal. 

Think about the mood and tone you want to set. Is there music? Do you have a treat (chocolate and wine are welcome here!)? What are you physically going to write your 10 year plan on? Is it loose paper (make sure you have a place to store it!) or do you have a journal where it can be tucked away for safekeeping?

These small extra steps can supercharge the process, because by dedicating time to intentionally think about the vibe you want to create, you’re already taking yourself to that place of curiosity. 

Step #3: It’s Go Time 

Once you map out where, when and how you’re going to do this… It’s go time.

First: Set your eyes on 10 years from now. We’re writing this in the spring of 2024, so we’ll say Spring 2034. Now, we want you to write out your exact day from the time you wake up, until your head hits the pillow… 10 years from now in your ideal life. The power comes from declaring our circumstances and what we’re going to go after. Like all good things, the more you put into this exercise, the more you are going to get out of it.

Here’s some prompts to support you in getting the juices flowing. So it’s Spring 2034…

  • What are you doing?

  • Where are you living?

  • What thoughts are you thinking?

  • Where is your house? Are you in the country, the city? A high rise apartment, a remodeled craftsman? 

  • What do you see when you look out the window?

  • Who are you living with? Do you have kids? If so, how old?

  • Do you have pets? What are they named? 

  • What is the style of your space? What does your furniture look like? 

  • What kind of clothes are you wearing? What about your haircut? 

  • Do you have a car? What color, make, and model?

  • What are you eating? Did you start your day with coffee or tea? 

  • How are you feeling as you embark on your day?

  • What excites this future version of you?

  • What music are you listening to?

  • What inspires you?

  • What kind of books are you reading?

  • Who are your friends?

  • What is going on with your health?

  • What hobbies are you participating in? 

  • What does your community look like? Who is supporting you?

  • What is your job?

  • What are your values?

  • How do you move your body?

  • What is your relationship to money?

  • And you take it on from here….let your imagination run wild as you imagine your own life, 10 years from now.

Keep in mind, you are the only person who ever has to see this. It’s all for you. So don’t hold back on putting down goals and aspirations that will truly motivate you.

There is not a set number of pages you have to write. It’s about getting everything down on paper for yourself. But, if you like a metric, Millman wrote 10 pages in a 5×7 journal when she did the exercise. 

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Other Ways To Find Motivation To Work With This Exercise 

#1 – Write A Letter

We know a bunch of blank pages can feel intimidating! If so, re-frame the exercise as a letter to yourself… 10 years from now. Here’s a prompt to support you with this freestyle, open letter. 

Dear (YOU!),

It’s been 10 years and I can’t believe all we’ve done! The kids are about to start college, and we’re living in our dream house, with 20 acres of property out in the country. We start our days with a hot cup of coffee watching the sunrise on our wraparound deck with a million dollar view…

You’re up! Get specific with the details of your life.

#2 – Use Post-It Notes

Sometimes it can help to start with an open brainstorm with post-it notes. Grab a stack, and notate all the aspects of your Life By Design (use the above prompts to guide you). Once you’re done, organize the post-its into a ‘story’ that feels good so you can write it down.

#3 – Make This A Family Affair

We’re always looking for ways to teach our kids about Life By Design. If you want to include the whole family, turn this into a drawing exercise. Set a family date to draw out what your kiddos want to see… even a few years down the road. Help support them by asking thought provoking questions, and talking about what can happen when you set a goal. You might find it to be an empowering exercise in you journey to living Life By Design.

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Step #4: Let It Be 

Let yourself marinate in the extraordinary plan you put down on paper. It can be an inspiring, and also confronting, process to dream that big. It may even bring up some feelings of self-doubt as your mind tries to problem solve its way to the outcome.

Take a beat after you finish, before you boomerang yourself back into your to-do list. Even five minutes to stand outside in the sunshine or stare at the sky will do, to help you lock in the feeling and prospect of this bright future you’ve just painted for yourself.

Part of the secret sauce of this exercise is letting your plan trickle into your psyche. By creating this plan you’ve given yourself the gifts of clarity and momentum – the wheels are already in motion to your ideal life. 

Step #5: Last Step – Connect To Your Vision 


You hold the key to create the external world that matches your truest inner desires. The simple practice of connecting (and reconnecting) to the lifestyle we crave – and how it feels – can support us to get there. Here are a few ideas to support you in staying physically connected to your design.

#1 – Set-Up An Annual Date To Revisit Your Plan

By committing to a once-a-year review, you can reconnect to your plan and see your progress on the goals you’ve made since you last checked it out. Like passive investing, you may see some immediate results, however, it’s the returns over time that really make it meaningful. A calendar reminder can be a helpful tool for accountability.

#2 – Enlist A Trusted Partner or Friend To Support You

Remembering something from the previous year can be tough. Have a trusted person in your life hang on to your plan, and send or give it to you when it’s time for your annual date. 

You can even put it in an envelope with your address and a stamp, and ask them to mail it to you on a certain date.

#3 – Make A Visual You Can Look At Every Day

This will help you SEE your 10 Year Plan daily. You could do this by creating a physical vision board with images from magazines, or a digital one – sometimes called a mind movie – with inspiring affirmations, music and images.

Check Out Our Track Record Of Success

Curious whether we can actually do what we say we're going to do? Compare projected versus actual returns in all the deals we've exited to date.

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Next Investing Steps

If we’ve learned one thing through our journey with Goodegg, it’s that everything starts with an idea. Whether you’re ready to create your 10 Year Plan now, or want to revisit this article later, this is a great exercise to clarify your vision, and get you closer to your ideal Life By Design. 

On top of that, passive investing through real estate syndications (group investments) may be a good fit to help you bring the financial aspect of your plan into fruition. As a first step, we invite you to join the Goodegg Investor Club, so we can keep you in the loop on insights, as well as opportunities to invest alongside us in real estate syndications, if that’s the right fit for you.

You can also check out our open deals page to learn more about our current or upcoming opportunities.

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