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What To Look For In Potential Real Estate Syndication Deals

Whether you’re just starting out as a passive real estate investor or have invested in multiple real estate syndication deals, it can be overwhelming when you look through an investment summary for the first time.

There are dozens of pages of charts and figures, data about the market, details about the business plan, photos of the property, bios for the team members, and more.

How do you sift through all that and determine whether or not a specific deal is a good one to invest in? And more importantly, whether that deal is right for you based on your investing goals?

In this episode of Laundry & Learn, we sit down to fold our laundry and talk about exactly what we look for when we evaluate a potential real estate syndication deal as passive investors. We talk about certain metrics that you should be aware of, things to watch out for, and the ideal timing for educating yourself.

Tune in to learn strategies that will help you as you choose the next deal to invest in, and be sure to join us on our Goodegg Investments Facebook page so you don’t miss future live episodes of Laundry & Learn.

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