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Podcast: How Does A Home Exchange Work?

If you’re looking for ways to travel for an extended period of time while not breaking the bank, a home exchange can be an excellent choice. Home exchanges can be a great way to leverage your passive income and live a life by design.

A home exchange allows you to swap homes with another family for a specific period of time. You live in their home, they live in your home.

For Annie’s recent home exchange, they swapped homes with a family in Guenes, a little town outside of Bilbao in northern Spain. They have two girls the same ages as Annie’s two boys, so it was perfect. They even did a car exchange and were able to take roadtrips to many of the small towns in Basque Country that they otherwise would have missed, all without having to worry about renting a car or lugging car seats around!

In this episode of the Mom Inspired Show Podcast, Annie sits down with host Amber Sandberg to discuss all the ins and outs of the home exchange, from the planning through what to do with your valuables during the exchange to how to communicate with your exchange family, and much much more.