Top Multifamily Conferences For Syndicators & Capital Raisers

Since the inception of our business, multifamily conferences have played a key part in our continual success and growth. For one, I first met my co-founder Julie Lam at a multifamily conference, back when we each had a fledgling business and before we joined forces to create Goodegg Investments.

When you’re at home working away to build your business, you often crave the support, connections, and ideas that you might get through a multifamily conference, where you are immersed within a network of people doing exactly what you’re doing and with similar goals and passions.

Over the years, we’ve attended dozens of real estate and multifamily conferences, and each one has brought fresh ideas into our business, helped us to foster important relationships and partnerships, and given us opportunities we wouldn’t have otherwise come across.

If you’re currently raising capital for your own syndication deals or want to get started with syndications, attending conferences can be a great way to jumpstart your business, navigate through current challenges, get unstuck, and find the right people to partner with. But the question is, with so many different conferences out there, which are the right ones for you and your goals?

That’s exactly what we’ll cover in this guide. This no-frills guide outlines pivotal multifamily conferences across various regions and facets of the sector, equipping you with the know-how to choose the right ones for your professional growth.

Key Takeaways

  • Multifamily conferences are invaluable for industry professionals like syndicators and capital raisers, offering opportunities for education, strategy development, and networking.

  • Various premier conferences, including the Best Ever Conference, National Association of Multifamily Housing, and Apartment Owners Association Summit, provide platforms to engage with industry leaders, gain insights, and forge significant connections.

  • As the multifamily industry evolves, conferences are emphasizing technology, innovation, and distinct regional or role-specific needs, aiding professionals in navigating the complexities of the industry and staying competitive.

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Exploring The Landscape Of Multifamily Conferences

Goodegg Investments CEO and Co-Founder Julie Lam with other women in multifamily real estate

Multifamily conferences are invaluable to industry professionals, particularly those striving to lead in the multifamily syndication arena. These forums focus on key facets of multifamily real estate success, such as automation, personalization, raising capital, and nurturing prospects. Regardless of your level of expertise, these gatherings arm syndicators and GPs with practical knowledge, proven methodologies, and effective strategies to enhance profitability, partnerships, deal acquisition, capital generation, and operational efficiency.

These multifamily events are more than just a convergence of industry leaders and experts; they are a catalyst for change, driving the multifamily industry forward. From the national multifamily housing council to the annual conference at the convention center, these meetings present a unique opportunity to connect with multifamily leadership and experts, learn from the top multifamily events, and join the conversation at the multifamily summit.

For us, multifamily conferences are key to keeping our business fresh and relevant, for maintaining and building key partnerships, for hearing about what others in the space are seeing and doing, and for brainstorming ideas to integrate into our business. Because of this, attending multifamily conferences is an important aspect of our ongoing business growth and success.

The Premier Multifamily Annual Conference Highlights

Goodegg Investments CEO and Co-Founder Julie Lam with multifamily syndicators

Numerous premier annual conferences punctuate the multifamily industry’s calendar, each presenting distinct knowledge and engagement opportunities with industry forerunners. Among them, the Best Ever Conference, the National Association of Multifamily Housing, and the Apartment Owners Association Summit stand out as influential platforms for multifamily syndicators and capital raisers.

Best Ever Conference

The Best Ever Conference is a standout event in the multifamily industry, and it’s the event where Julie and I first met, in 2018, before we officially launched Goodegg investments.

Held annually in the Mountain West region (it’s been in Denver in the past, and more recently it’s been in Salt Lake City), this conference is designed to forge connections between operators and investors. This conference provides the opportunity to share ideas with other high-net-worth individuals, making it a fantastic way to network and broaden your knowledge base.

The Best Ever Conference transcends the traditional conference framework, becoming a journey in itself. It consolidates the real estate sector, enabling attendees to interact with industry leaders, successful company co-founders, and seasoned investors.

Anyone aiming for success in the multifamily industry should consider this event as a way to find and connect with partners, glean deep insights about the market, and source deals and opportunities.

National Association Of Multifamily Housing

The National Association of Multifamily Housing is a key player in shaping the housing industry. Its flagship event invites key stakeholders from across the country to discuss and shape the future of multifamily living. During the event, multifaceted policy issues are debated, including government regulations affecting multifamily housing. Alongside this, operational strategies and marketing techniques specific to the multifamily sector are core topics at the association’s flagship event.

The National Association’s flagship event transcends the traditional conference structure, offering opportunities for engagement with industry leaders, fresh insight acquisition, and participation in future-shaping multifamily living discussions. Professionals striving to maintain a leading edge in the multifamily industry will find this event essential.

Apartment Owners Association Summit

The Apartment Owners Association Summit offers:

  • Speed networking sessions

  • Roundtable discussions

  • Forums

  • A grand networking gala

These events are designed to connect apartment owners with service providers and foster long-term business relationships. Roundtable discussions allow apartment owners to share experiences and best practices, while the summit’s breakout sessions focus on specialized domains within multifamily management, ensuring attendees gain deep insights relevant to their interests.

Keynote presentations at the summit address an array of topics, such as property management, market trends, and legislative updates impacting the industry. The summit also features state-of-the-art products and services, offering solutions for apartment communities and unveiling new business opportunities for owners to augment their operations. This event represents a holistic platform addressing apartment owners’ diverse needs.

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Key Multifamily Events Across the Country

Group of women at a multifamily event

Across the nation, a plethora of leading multifamily events offer comprehensive learning, showcase industry advancements, and facilitate networking among professionals. These include:

  • Multifamily Social Media Summit

  • TAA One Conference & Expo

  • AIM

  • NAA Apartmentalize

  • Optech

Each event is tailored to address different aspects of the multifamily industry, catering to the unique needs of the professionals who attend.

East Coast Gatherings

On the East Coast, the NAA Apartmentalize conference stands out as a premier event. Designed for leaders and innovators in the multifamily industry, this conference specifically targets manager level or higher decision-makers. Attendees can expect:

  • Peer-to-peer learning sessions

  • Wellness activities

  • Networking opportunities aimed at fostering collaboration and inspiration among multifamily professionals

This East Coast conference offers:

  • A distinctive platform for professionals to learn, network, and share insights

  • A reflection of the region’s thriving multifamily scene

  • Indispensable opportunities for decision-makers in the multifamily industry residing on the East Coast

West Coast Conventions

The West Coast is home to significant events tailored for multifamily professionals in the fields of social media and marketing. The Multifamily Social Media Summit, for example, is designed especially for senior and mid-level executives and managers from property management firms focused on social media and content marketing. Similarly, the AIM conference is another important venue where innovations in marketing technology for the multifamily sector are at the forefront.

These West Coast conventions, especially in Las Vegas, reflect the region’s dynamic and innovative character, making them a hotspot for professionals looking to stay ahead in the multifamily industry. If you’re in the fields of social media and marketing, these events offer an invaluable opportunity to learn, network, and share.

Innovations In Multifamily: Tech And Development Conferences

Annie Dickerson speaking at a multifamily real estate conference

In this era of rapid technological advancement, multifamily conferences have evolved to emphasize leasing technology, construction innovation, and mixed-use development. The Optech Conference & Exposition and AIM Conference, for example, focus on new technologies, sustainability solutions, and marketing strategies, including automation and AI.

These events cover advanced areas such as marketing technology, leasing automation, and the ethics of personalized data-gathering, providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the latest in the industry.

These conferences demonstrate the multifamily industry’s advancement and the growing significance of technology utilization for success. As the industry evolves, these conferences will persist in propelling innovation and endorsing industry best practices.

Exclusive Access: VIP and Elite Multifamily Conferences

People networking at a multifamily conference

For professionals seeking a truly unique experience, there are exclusive VIP experiences at multifamily conferences. These may encompass specialized workshops on critical topics such as capital raising and sophisticated closing techniques. Conferences like the NMHC Women’s Event provide unique networking opportunities, featuring private roundtables for stakeholders such as investors, owners, and developers.

The Multifamily Executive Leadership Summit and the Multifamily Innovation Summit offer exclusive insights and opportunities to honor outstanding achievements in the industry, respectively. These exclusive events provide a distinctive opportunity for:

  • In-depth engagement with the multifamily industry

  • Interaction with leading figures

  • Acquiring knowledge from experts

  • Earning recognition for your accomplishments.

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Regional Multifamily Networking Meetups

Understanding local market needs is crucial in the multifamily industry, and regional multifamily conferences offer just that. These events offer a mix of professional development, trade shows, and networking opportunities specifically tailored to the local market needs of property managers and investors.

The annual Middle-Market Multifamily Forum (West) and the Texas Apartment Association ONE Conference & Expo cater to distinct segments within the multifamily industry, addressing issues relevant to small to mid-sized investors and providing state-wide educational sessions respectively.

These conferences take place in easily accessible locations such as Southern California, Ft. Worth, TX, and San Antonio, TX, benefiting the regional attendance. For multifamily professionals aiming to establish local networks and understand the trends and challenges unique to their market area, regional conferences are fundamental.

Multifamily Financing And Investment Focused Forums

Multifamily real estate investments, a significant part of the rental housing industry, face challenges such as:

  • Higher interest rates

  • Difficulties in financing

  • Maintaining cost control in an inflationary environment

  • Evolving lease trends

The Mortgage Bankers Association’s Commercial / Multifamily Finance Convention & Expo is a leading event for professionals focused on multifamily finance, offering comprehensive discussions on the state of the market. The association’s reports on commercial and multifamily trends highlight the financial landscape and contribute to the evolution of multifamily investment conferences.

These forums are essential for anyone involved in multifamily finance and investment. They provide a platform to navigate the complexities of the industry, network with peers, and gain insights from industry leaders.

Upcoming Multifamily Conferences To Mark Your Calendar

Looking forward, there are several upcoming multifamily conferences to mark on your calendar. The NMHC Apartment Strategies Conference usually takes place in January, offering insights into economic and industry trends. Following that, the NMHC Annual Meeting typically happens in late January or early February, requiring separate registration from the Apartment Strategies Conference.

Other significant events include:

  • Commercial/Multifamily Housing Servicing and Technology Conference in May

  • TAA One Conference & Expo in April

  • NAA Apartmentalize event in June

  • Multifamily Executive Conference in September or October

Each conference is designed to target different aspects of the multifamily industry, including:

  • The economy and business strategies

  • Technological innovation

  • Servicing

  • Executive management

Multifamily conferences are indispensable for professionals desiring to stay abreast of industry trends in multifamily communities, networking opportunities, and professional growth. By attending these events, you can connect with multifamily experts and gain valuable insights.

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Gearing Up For Multifamily Conferences: Tips And Strategies

As you prepare to attend a multifamily conference, there are several strategies to help you maximize your experience.

Before attending, sit down to think about your goals for attending this event. What would make this event an absolute success for you and your business? What would you need to walk away with to further your business endeavors? Is it partnerships, investors, creative financing ideas, finding co-GPs, or something else? Taking the time to distill your goals into a few key points will help ensure that you stay focused throughout the event.

Once you have those goals in mind, research and select workshops and sessions that are appropriate to your experience level and that are in line with your goals for the event. During the conference, participate actively by engaging in key features such as collaborative efforts, networking opportunities, interactive workshops, and discussions on topics like technology, operations, and marketing.

But the conference experience doesn’t end when the event does. After the event, follow up with contacts made during the conference to solidify relationships and explore potential investment and partnership opportunities. Multifamily conferences provide a continuous learning and professional development platform, with effective utilization being key to industry success.

The Evolution Of Multifamily Conferences

Over time, multifamily conferences have evolved to reflect the changing needs of the industry. They have broadened their focus to incorporate:

  • Sustainable development

  • Affordable housing initiatives

  • The development of building codes and professional development by Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA)

  • The international influence of the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM)

These changes showcase the expanding global perspective inherent in multifamily conference content.

This evolution of multifamily conferences underlines the industry’s growth and dynamism. As the multifamily sector transforms, the conferences serving it will adapt in tandem, ensuring their continued relevance and value to industry participants.

Why Attend Multifamily Conferences?

Multifamily conferences provide a multitude of benefits. They primarily serve as a crucial platform for networking with industry professionals, leading to potential business opportunities, partnerships, and face-to-face interactions with potential clients and investors. Additionally, the workshops and seminars at these conferences contribute significantly to professional development and enhancement of skills.

For us personally, we wouldn’t have been able to get our business off the ground without many of the early multifamily conferences we attended. They allowed us to gain key insights and to foster key partnerships that gave us the opportunities we needed to succeed in this industry.

These days, we continue to attend multifamily conferences for many of the same reasons – to stay on the cutting edge as far as information, strategies, and insights, and to meet key people in the industry, who may become our partners.

Attending multifamily conferences offers several benefits, including:

  • Increasing brand promotion and gaining visibility among a targeted audience

  • Serving as a source of motivation and inspiration through interaction with successful industry peers

  • Providing an important investment towards personal and professional growth, allowing individuals to stay competitive in the industry

The costs associated with attending multifamily conferences are well worth the investment for these reasons.

Multifamily Conference Venue Spotlights

Several multifamily conference venues have made a name for themselves due to their excellent facilities and services. Some well-known multifamily event venues include:

  • The Westin Charlotte, which hosts the Multifamily Innovation Conference (MFINCON)

  • The Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego

  • The Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood, Florida, which hosts the Florida Apartment Association Conference & Trade Show and is also scheduled for a multifamily event from November 13-15, 2024.

These venues occasionally offer attendees discounted room rates, ensuring an affordable stay for participants. The Multifamily Innovation Conference, hosted at the Westin Charlotte, provides in excess of 52,000 square feet of dedicated event space for attendees.


In conclusion, multifamily conferences are a critical platform for professionals in the industry to network, learn, and grow. They offer a wealth of opportunities, from learning about the latest technologies and trends to networking with industry leaders and experts. With a plethora of events to choose from, professionals can find conferences that align with their interests and needs.

So, whether you’re a seasoned expert or a newcomer to the multifamily industry, attending these conferences can provide invaluable insights and connections that can help propel your career forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of attending multifamily conferences?

Attending multifamily conferences provides valuable networking, professional development, and brand promotion opportunities, while also helping you stay competitive in the industry.

What are some of the premier multifamily annual conferences?

You should consider attending premier annual multifamily conferences like the Best Ever Conference, the National Association of Multifamily Housing, and the Apartment Owners Association Summit for valuable insights and networking opportunities.

How have multifamily conferences evolved over time?

Multifamily conferences have evolved to include sustainable development, affordable housing initiatives, and global perspectives, broadening their focus over time.

What can I expect from a multifamily conference venue?

You can expect upscale amenities like 24-hour room service, modern wellness centers, high-end dining options, and discounted room rates at a multifamily conference venue. Enjoy convenient access to hotel rooms as well.

What strategies can I use to maximize my conference experience?

To maximize your conference experience, set clear goals, research and select appropriate workshops, actively participate, and follow up with contacts made after the event for a more enriching experience. Remember, preparation and engagement are key in making the most of your conference experience.

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