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Meet Goodegg Passive Investor John – Using Passive Investing To Build A Strong Nest Egg

Have you been looking for a way to diversify out of the stock market? Perhaps you’ve maxed out your 401(k), have put some money into various stocks and mutual funds, but you’re wondering, “What else is out there?”

Maybe you’re wondering if the stock market is the best place for your money, or if there are better options out there that are better suited to you and your investing goals.

Perhaps you’ve tried investing in rental properties but quickly realized that they were much more work than you’d anticipated, and that even with a property manager, being a landlord can still be a lot of work.

We’ve been there. And so have many of our investors. It’s hard to sift through all the financial advice, reports, and trends out there, to determine the best investment vehicles for you and your life goals.

Keeping your money in savings is a risk, because you’re losing money to inflation every year. And investing in a scam or in the “wrong” investment could be a huge risk and might mean losing your hard-earned money.

That’s why we work so hard to find strong investment opportunities for our investors. Investments that are recession-resistant and in growing markets around the country.

Meet John, Goodegg Passive Investor

But don’t take our word for it. In the video below, you’ll get to meet John, a passive investor who we met at FinCon, the conference that brings together money nerds from all around the world.

Listen in as John talks about his horror stories from being a landlord, how the stock market hasn’t met his needs, why passive investing through real estate syndications has been such a great fit, and his experience investing in real estate syndications to date.

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