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August 31, 2019
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Meet Goodegg Passive Investor Ani – Investing In Multiple Deals While Living Overseas

Have you been sitting on the sidelines waiting for the “right” opportunity to start investing passively in real estate syndications? Are you circling and circling but haven’t yet pulled the trigger?

Perhaps you’re still not sure whether these investment opportunities are legit or whether they’re scams. Who are the other people investing in these deals, anyway?

We totally get it. With so many glossy websites out there, it can be difficult to ferret out the pyramid schemes and the inexperienced sponsors and operators.

You work hard for your money, and you deserve to put it to work for you in strong opportunities that will give you the passive income you’re looking for.

Deals that are led by strong and experienced sponsors, are underwritten conservatively, have multiple exit strategies, are in strong submarkets, and are structured to align your interests with those of the general partners.


Meet Ani, Goodegg Passive Investor

But don’t take our word for it. In the video below, you’ll get to meet Ani, a passive investor who stumbled upon our YouTube channel and now has invested in multiple deals with us.

Listen in as Ani talks about that moment of decision, when you have to take that leap of faith, for the opportunity to discover something that could change the trajectory of your life. As Ani puts it, “Doing nothing is riskier than doing something.”