Goodegg Investor Spotlight – Mom Of 5 Kids (Including 2 Sets Of Twins!)

Welcome to another edition of our Goodegg Investor Spotlight, where we highlight members of our investor community living their Life by Design and offering inspiration through real life examples of what’s possible when people decide to invest in creating a better life.

In this investor spotlight, you’ll hear directly from Goodegg Investor Rachael Holland – mom of 5 kids (including 2 sets of twins!).

Meet Rachael

I’m Rachael, a proud Pacific Northwest native who has gracefully navigated through a myriad of diverse roles.

From my humble beginnings at Starbucks and navigating the business world to providing care as a nanny, capturing the essence of love as a wedding photographer, and exploring the realm of real estate investments.

Following the successful sale of my consulting company in late 2022, I now dedicate my time to nurturing our five children (9-year old twins, 5-year old twins and 20-month old) and overseeing Airbnb properties on the Oregon Coast and Palm Springs.

I love listening to financial podcasts, being a quintessential soccer mom with my trusty minivan, riding bikes with my kids, and lap swimming.

Currently calling Portland, Oregon, our home, I share my amazing life with my beloved wife, kiddos and cat named Mimi. 

Living A Life By Design

For me, leading an intentional life by design means prioritizing my family and kids above all else.

It means striving for a strong work-life balance, dedicating time to maintain my happiness and health, and ensuring the well-being of my wife, kids, and extended family.

It means being present for my children by attending their school field trips, taking them to school, picking them up daily, and supporting them in their extracurricular activities.

It also means having the freedom to travel and explore new places. Is our next goal is Costa Rica:) 

My Passive Investing Journey

I stumbled upon syndications while listening to Jean Chatzky’s podcast. Annie Dickerson was the guest, and I was completely unaware of passive investing through syndications.

My mind was blown, and I delved into days of Internet searches to learn more. After setting up a consultation with the Goodegg Team, we decided to sell off a few of our long-term properties to invest in the passive side. We also had a large chunk of money from the sale of my consulting company.

By shifting to this passive source of income, we have saved significantly on our tax bill, thanks to the paper losses on our K-1’s and hardly paid any capital gains for the real estate and business sale. It has truly been a blessing.

I am currently involved in four syndication deals with Goodegg Investments, and the dividends and paper losses have been fantastic.

I am eagerly anticipating the full cycle of a deal, but I realize it may take a few more years before that comes to fruition.

I also invest in syndication deals with Tarek El Moussa and TEM Capital, including a small stake in a large storage facility in Surprise, Arizona. 

The Impact Of Passive Investing On Our Lives

Passive investing has truly revolutionized my life by giving me back valuable time that I can now spend with my family and travel more.

As a family that loves to explore, we typically spend at least 3 to 4 months per year in Palm Springs, California. We love the desert climate and the kids love the saltwater pool in the backyard.

Portland gets SO MUCH rain, so the change of scenery is nice.

Thanks to passive investing, my wife was able to obtain her masters degree and go back to work as a Montessori teacher.

This allowed me to take on more day-to-day kid activities and household adventures that I wasn’t able to do while working full-time in my business and managing rental properties. 

Advice For Fellow Investors

The advice I have for others is to prioritize budgeting and making regular investments.

Don’t buy things you can’t afford. Setting up automatic investing can be super helpful. Living below your means and avoiding unnecessary comparisons with others.

Consider house hacking to reduce major expenses like rent or mortgage. I’d recommend purchasing a duplex or multifamily property, as renting out one side can cover half of the mortgage cost. I really wish I would’ve done this early on in my investing career. 

My Vision Of The Future

With our young kids still in school, I envision us continuing to reside in Portland.

However, our long-term plan includes relocating to California, because I’m obsessed with palm trees, sunshine, and outdoor swimming year-round.

Real estate investing, including managing and operating a few Airbnb properties, will likely remain a financial strategy, alongside the passive income generated from syndications.

I am incredibly grateful for the Goodegg Community. The knowledge and insights I have gained over the past few years have been invaluable!  Thank you so much for giving me this great opportunity for sharing my story. 

Thank you, Rachael! We couldn’t be more grateful for you, and we’re honored to play a small part in helping you realize your ideal life by design.

To hear more of Rachael’s story, check out the episode of the Life & Money Show that we recorded live with Rachael at REWBCON (Real Estate Wealth Builders Conference).

Next Investing Steps

If you are interested in joining Rachael and the rest of the Goodegg Community in investing to create a better world while also building wealth for your family and creating a life by design, we invite you to join the Goodegg Investor Club.

Once you join, we will keep you in the loop on insights, as well as opportunities to invest alongside us in real estate syndications, if that’s the right fit for you.

You can also check out our open deals page to learn more about our current or upcoming opportunities.

Learn More

If you’re not yet ready to invest but are curious about how all of this works, we invite you to dip your toe in the water with us through our free 7-day email course – Passive Real Estate Investing 101

You can also get a copy of our book – Investing For Good – or check out our Life & Money Show Podcast.

To learn more about us and our experience, be sure to download a copy of our track record, which shows the projected and actual returns we’ve achieved across all the deals we’ve exited to date.

Connect With Us

If there’s ever anything we can do to help you on your journey, or if you’d like to be featured in an upcoming Goodegg Investor Spotlight, please email us at [email protected] or call / text us at (888) 830-1450

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