Investing for Good: The Surprising Strategy for Building Wealth While Also Making an Impact

We all want to make a difference. We want to leave the world a better place than we found it. And, we want to provide for our families and build wealth for future generations. But, with a schedule full of meetings, 30 minutes wasted in the after-school carpool line, and the ever-pending question of “what’s for dinner?” how does anyone have the time to tackle the big, life-changing stuff?

Maybe your experience parallels mine in that becoming a mother created an even stronger desire to create a life in which my kids don’t have to worry about money. For me, motherhood also flipped on this switch of determination to improve other families’ lives by providing a safe, beautiful community for them to live in.

It may seem like an impossible feat, but through years of research, networking, and trial and error, Julie and I found a path forward that helps us build wealth for our families while also doing good in the world.

What is Investing For Good?

Investing for good is making your money create income for your family while also positively impacting the world. We enjoy investing in large real estate projects that improve communities by providing cleaner, more updated, safer living spaces for those who live there.

When I found out I could do both at the same time – build foundational wealth for my own family WHILE improving the lives of countless others – well, that’s a win-win I just couldn’t pass up.

Over the years, we’ve heard this familiar story on repeat from parents across the US. We all pictured adulthood differently – full of time to do what we want, take our kids to the park, and travel the world. Instead, we’ve arrived in the complete opposite of fantasyland where our minutes are monitored, we trade in family time for meetings, sit in traffic way too often, and feel guilty every time we drop the kids off at daycare. What happened?!

Well, we have multiple pieces of good news. You aren’t alone, these problems are temporary, and you have the opportunity to shift your reality forever.

So, now you are wondering:

Can I really do this?

How do I get started?

What’s the catch?

OMG, what if this is real?

I’ll just go ahead and spill the beans for you. This is real. Yes, you can do it too. The catch is it takes patience and perseverance – wealth building through real estate investing is a long game, not an overnight get-rich-quick fix.

The Most Hands-Free Way to Provide Financial Security for Your Family

Perhaps the biggest shift toward changing my own family’s trajectory wasn’t even monetary. We’d been saving for years, living a generally frugal lifestyle, and testing our talents at managing rentals. But when I realized that income could be generated without requiring me to drive downtown, sit at a desk, or attend meetings, and instead, I could spend the time I wanted with my kids, my mindset about earning money completely changed.

Active income is what you earn by actively contributing your time, elbow grease, or expertise to generate money. This could be through going to work, selling handmade goods on Etsy, or being a photographer. Most people’s income is earned in this active category, and in earning this active income, people generally trade the majority of their mental space and free time in the pursuit of income, especially when fighting for a better life for their kids than they had.

On the other hand is passive income. Passive income is the kind that you don’t have to trade your time and energy for. This is the mysterious and magical earn-it-in-your-sleep money, mailbox money, or beach income.

Our specific path to earning completely passive income (also the path in which we’ve helped perhaps thousands of investors do the same) is through investing in commercial real estate syndications. These are group investments where you and I and other investors pool our cash to purchase an apartment complex, for example.

The returns you can earn from investing in commercial real estate using this method can allow you to quit your job so that you can spend more quality time with your family, allow you to stop trading your time for money, and live life exactly as you always wanted.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to understand and invest in your first real estate syndication, the first step on your path toward generating passive income for your family as soon as possible.

What Is the Lazy Way To Invest In Real Estate?

Okay, so you get it – investing in real estate is the key to building wealth. But before you scoop up the first cute duplex you see on the market, remember that we’re also on a mission to create freedom in your life. Managing rentals is considered active real estate investing, and just like with active income, active real estate investing requires quite a bit of your time and energy.

The lazy way to invest in real estate is really just the smart way since you get all the benefits of cash flow, appreciation, tax advantages, and equity without having to manage a property, deal with brokers or tenants, and without the liability of owning the property.

By passively investing as part of a group in a commercial real estate syndication, you make one decision up-front (more about that in the book!) and then do what you want while the quarterly distributions roll in.

Uncomplicating Real Estate Investing for Busy Parents

As a busy parent, your financial goals probably haven’t seriously been revisited in a while. Even if you’ve known all along that real estate is the key to wealth, you’ve probably set the whole investment dilemma aside simply because you can’t picture adding the responsibilities of managing a rental property to your already long to-do list.

Hey, I totally get it! Busy mom of two here.

This is exactly why I’m so excited to share about real estate syndication strategies with you! THIS is how you build wealth by investing in real estate while raising a family.

In the book, we explain how to select and invest in a solid syndication deal alongside an experienced sponsor with a strong track record. We’ll share simple comparisons between stock market investing and investing in real estate. You’ll even learn how differently your finances could look if you choose a syndication as your next big money move instead of buying a home and taking on a mortgage.

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Potential Beyond Cash Returns: Offsetting Income Taxes

Large commercial real estate properties like apartment complexes produce cash flow for investors because the value of the rent collected from tenants each month after expenses is distributed as returns to investors.


This is the same way you’d manage a single-family rental, except on a much larger scale. The beauty is that the government encourages us to earn income this way. Thus the passive income you earn through investing for good qualifies for specific deductions and advantages not found elsewhere.


This means while your money is earning money, you’re becoming potentially eligible for tax benefits, including the opportunity to offset income taxes. Now, that’s something your retirement plan can’t do!


Proceeding with Financial Freedom In Mind

Financial freedom isn’t a particular number, it’s a mindset. It’s a feeling.


When someone has a high income and high expenses to match, that can feel just as stressful as having very little money and struggling to cover bare-bones expenses. So, a high income isn’t the key to financial freedom.


It’s the gap between your expenses and your income that can feel financially freeing.  You have the ability to take a step back right now and evaluate what you like, love, and dislike about your life. If you could wave a magic wand, what would you change?


By investing your savings in passive real estate opportunities and generating completely passive income that exceeds what your dream lifestyle costs, you can achieve financial freedom for your family.


This may not happen overnight or even within the first few years, but through consistent focus and capital contributions toward real estate syndications that align with your investing for good goals, you can get there.


Laying the Financial Foundation for Future Generations

When I was young, everyone I knew who had money worked for it. Phrases like “you have to work hard for your money” and “the early bird gets the worm” perpetuated throughout my childhood and since those who seemed to work the longest hours appeared to have the most cash, I believed the rhetoric.


No one talked to me about the power of renting instead of buying a home and investing the difference. No one shared actionable tips on earning interest outside my savings account or retirement plan. And I definitely wasn’t taught that an initial capital investment of just $50,000 could change my life forever.


YOU, however, have the chance to learn the ropes (with an experienced guide leading the way, of course!) and spread the word about these “secrets.” As you invest capital year after year over just 10 years and begin to see the results – earning $39,000/year by year 7 and about $70,000/year by year 10 – you can teach your kids healthy financial habits along the way.


And if you invested for 10 years straight, what’s to stop you from continuing the trend?


Just think – your access to this single book could change your life by creating income and time freedom for yourself, plus you get to invest in projects you care about in communities you want to improve, all while teaching your own children about the power of investing so they can not only benefit but also perpetuate the benefits for generations to come.


How Can You Get A Free Copy of Our Book?

Most parents wish for a better life for their children, and most of them work extremely hard to try to make that dream come true. However, it doesn’t actually have to be that hard.


I’ve been embracing this mantra lately, “let it be easy,” and I’d like you to adopt this as well.


What if investing in real estate really is easy?

What if generating passive income really is easy?

What if building wealth really is easy?


Sure there are risks, and the numbers shared are not guaranteed. Learn everything you need to know, including how to select a deal, how to invest, how to examine returns projections, what to expect, and, most importantly, how to design a lifestyle of freedom by simply filling out the short form below to get your FREE copy of Investing For Good.

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