Imagine A World In Which People Don't Have To Worry About Money with a camera

Imagine A World In Which People Don’t Have To Worry About Money

One day when I was five years old, my father paced around the front yard all afternoon. He was anxious and agitated, I could tell. Finally, a man came by, to buy my father’s beloved film camera. My father stopped pacing. With the bills in his hand, he now had enough money to buy a bag of rice for dinner.

Over the years, as my family’s financial situation improved, my parents never stopped worrying about money.

They knew that if they stopped working, they would inevitably exhaust their savings and return to the days of being just one camera sale away from going hungry.

Despite their own financial troubles, my parents raised me to be strong, independent, and courageous. I’m grateful to have had some tremendous career opportunities that have allowed me to explore my interests and discover myself.

All the while, my parents’ financial worries have lurked in the shadows of my mind. Though I have had the incredible fortune to pursue my dreams, I can’t help but to think that my parents never had that opportunity.


Who would my parents have become, had they not had to worry about money?

Who would I be? Who would we all be? And where would the world be?

Indulge me for a moment.

Imagine a world where people don’t have to worry about money. Where everyone GETS to go to work. Where people have the freedom to discover their passions and actually get to pursue them. Where children receive a robust financial education from an early age. Where people can spend as much time as they want with their families. Where travel is available to anyone, anytime. Where everyone can live their one life to its fullest potential.

The Goodegg Vision and Mission

This is the vision that drives me forward, and the reason I founded Goodegg Investments. Goodegg’s mission is to help as many people as possible attain financial freedom, so they can stop worrying about money and start living the life they were meant to live.

I know we have a long road ahead, of building the tools, making the connections, and spreading the word to make this a reality for as many people as possible. But to me, if I can help just one person attain financial freedom and start living the life they were meant to live, it’s 100% worth it.

I’m extremely fortunate to GET to do this work, and I hope you’ll join me in making this vision a reality.

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