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How To Hedge Against A Potential Downturn And Protect Your Investments

No one knows when the next recession is coming. The only thing we can all agree on is that the market will not continue to go up forever. Sooner or later, a downturn is coming, and we want to be sure that we (and our investments) are prepared for it.

In this episode of Laundry & Learn, we sit down to fold our laundry and talk about how to hedge against a potential downturn. We discuss things like purposefully choosing more recession resistant asset types, multifamily asset classes, choosing the right partners, the historic performance of multifamily assets, ensuring that plenty of buffer is built into the deal, and much more.

Tune in to learn strategies to protect your investments ahead of the next recession, and be sure to join us on our Goodegg Investments Facebook page so you don’t miss future live episodes of Laundry & Learn.

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