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How To Become A Mindful Millionaire

True self-value comes from the inside, and no amount of money or any level of success will change that. This concept of Inner versus outer wealth arrives front and center in your focus when you hit a rough patch – like when you feel you’ve hit a plateau or as if you’ve been making all the right money moves but don’t feel like it’s paying off. It’s that negative, strangling feeling of being stuck that we’d all rather avoid. 

What’s Your Backstory?

Struggle and stuckness can occur at any level and multiple times throughout life, especially throughout your investing and wealth-building journey. At these moments, you’re forced to look inward and attempt to understand the ways you believe your value is conditionally based on external circumstances.  

It’s exceptionally usual to carry beliefs that are not serving you well without realizing it. Here are a few examples:

  • When I earn/have/save X amount, I’ll be happier.
  • You’ve got to work hard for money.
  • More money = More problems

You might laugh at some of these because you’ve heard them before, or on the surface, they might sound silly. Still, when you stop to examine the noise, your negative self-talk, and behaviors that result in self-sabotage, you’ll notice that these and other narratives will surface.

Where Are Your Roadblocks?

Leisa Peterson, Author of “The Mindful Millionaire,” says that people lose out on money, time, and opportunity every day because of their inattention to shifting their inner narrative toward acknowledging the limitless, non-negotiable truth they already are. She helps people embody confidence, achieve economic security, and self-love by helping them heal their hearts and become aware of the roadblocks on the path toward their prosperous relationship with themselves. 

The trouble is, traditional financial services assume you have a healthy relationship with yourself and your money, but most people don’t. Most people believe money reflects self-value, which results in a clouded approach toward financial decisions. (*Listen to an entire interview with Leisa in Episode 6 of the Investing For Good podcast: How To Become A Mindful Millionaire.)

How Mindful Millionaires Surface

Leisa shares eight steps at The Wealth Clinic designed to help you break these barriers by following the acronym IPROSPER. Mindfully develop your inner awareness to better support the exterior aspects of growing your wealth by spending time in each of the following steps:

Intention – Look inward and ask why you’re here, what you want to do, and where you want to focus. Decide what catalyst brought you to this point, and center your awareness on who you really are deep inside.

Patterns – Recognize patterns in your personal behavior, your feelings around security, success, and failure, and notice areas in which you avoid taking action. There are patterns you mindlessly repeat that do not benefit you; this is the time to bring those into awareness.

Reclaim –  Realize your lack of focus or fear of making a difference might have you scattered and overextended. Reclaim your feelings of orientation with a renewed sense of awareness and hyperfocus on the steps toward what your true self desires.

Opportunity – Explore your deepest wants toward authority, abundance, peace, lifestyle, connection with others, self-discipline, and influence. What is holding you back from pursuing the opportunity for multifaceted growth in these areas? 

Story – Understand the stories you’ve carried under the surface that have not been helping you toward your goals but instead have been holding you back. This might look like fear of rejection, having low expectations, or resisting money-making opportunities.

Permission – Give yourself permission to attract more, create more, and achieve more. Trust that you can move into the next chapter with openness. The possibility is there, you have to accept it, even if it looks different than you might expect.

Evidence – Find supporting evidence that you are enough to achieve the life you want to live. Recognize that your inner struggle has been causing fragmentation of your focus and leading to an invisible resistance of wealth.

Reinvention – Claim what you want, set your goals, and relentlessly pursue them, realizing that failure is part of the process. Reinvent your journey as many times as it takes to achieve a life you love.

Why Money Requires Mindfulness

When you’re able to see how money can help you achieve your goals instead of believing money is THE goal, it is more likely to flow in and out of your life in a way that moves you toward inner and outer wealth. When you feel like a million bucks, you can achieve anything, but if you have a low level of belief in your abilities or a low sense of self-worth it will always seem like something is working against you. 

As you progress through this journey, you’ll naturally gravitate toward a community that is not only wealthier monetarily but also wealthier mentally. Surround yourself with people who inspire you, who are attuned to their inner selves, and who maintain a strong sense of self-worth and limitless value. Money is only one of the bricks in the marvelous structure of fulfillment and abundance. 


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