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At Goodegg, one of our five core values is to never settle. We don’t sit back and coast, because we know that the work we do together has the potential to transform lives, entire communities, and the world.

We want to know what we can do better to better serve our investors and help them reach their financial and life-by-design goals.

So we ask them.

In that process, we often hear from investors about how Goodegg has changed their life [tiny tear moment]. We ask if these investors would be willing to be featured in our Investor Spotlight series, where you can learn about real-life examples of what’s possible when people decide to invest in creating a better life.

In this article, we’re honored to feature Goodegg Investor, Brent.


I can’t say enough about The Goodegg Way and living their values. From the team to the content, the success approach is consistent through and through. We did not expect to navigate so quickly, and we’re thankful for the Goodegg team and all they do to make a difference!

I live in Royal Oak, Michigan, and I’ve dedicated nearly two decades of my career to sales and marketing for both travel and education. I’m passionate about the experience economy and how it builds community and shapes our everyday lives. Outside work, I enjoy spending quality time with my loving family, including my partner and our two wonderful children, aged 11 and 9.

We were looking to invest in select hotels, and needed a team that knew the market well. Many teams post videos and blogs on their successes and failures in navigating new syndications, and we found these helpful.  In searching for partners aligned with our values and approach, we discovered Goodegg.

I found that real estate syndications needed more transparency. The Goodegg team made everything easy to understand. We recently invested in the Goodegg Hotel Fund; it’s well laid out and concise with the business, financials, and due diligence. We found it incredibly informative and enjoyable to partner in.


Passive investing has opened doors to pursue our passion projects in the experience economy and helped us look at new ways of investing and building for retirement.

For me, an intentional life by design means building a life around what drives and motivates me and having the mindset to take on new challenges.  These could range from work to projects to family adventures; it’s a constant journey of impact, and I enjoy every moment!

As Goodegg investors, we’re able to diversify and put our investments into more aligned areas. We believe there is a tremendous opportunity to develop and impact communities on a grand scale with new ways of thinking and operating, and this is where we like to spend our time.

We’re focused on building projects that generate returns, uplift communities, and provide sustainable development.  Ultimately, real estate investments are the vehicle that drives that journey and can be a cornerstone for the community.

For those looking to live a life by design, I would say to get creative with your investment strategy and look for ways to invest that drive you. We do this daily with careers or causes but rarely with investments. It’s challenging to think outside of all the popular investment choices.

I would add for those just getting started to go slowly, take it one step at a time, and use building blocks. Pick a focus area and make it more than just a return; you will naturally want to learn more and find ways to integrate it into your long-term plan.


If you are interested in sharing your story and how passive real estate investing has helped you lead your own life by design, please reach out to Susan directly via email at [email protected].

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