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Goodegg Investor Spotlight

Welcome to another edition of our Goodegg Investor Spotlight, where we highlight members of our investor community living their Life by Design and offering inspiration through real life examples of what’s possible when people decide to invest in creating a better life. Read on to learn more about our Goodegg investor, Jon.




Tell us a little about yourself and your family – where you’re based, what you do for work, how old your kids are (if applicable), what you like to do for fun, and anything else you’d like to share.


I’m originally from the East Coast but moved to California for training and settled in Northern California after meeting my best friend and wife here. I enjoy the diverse culture and people here and do not miss shoveling my car out of the snow. We have two boys, a toddler and a newborn that keep us constantly busy. I’m very active and love taking my son out for hikes in the baby carrier and running around the neighborhood. I’m proud to have carried our toddler up to the top of Angels Landing in Zion National Park!  My wife is an avid gardener and grows exotic tropical plants and herbs that make her home cooking superb.



What does it mean to you to live a meaningful and intentional life by design?


This is a thought provoking question. For me it means control over my time and ability to support our family both in the short and long term. It means the ability to travel and explore the world with my family as well as the ability to provide for our family and our two sons without worry. Having two young kids has given me the perspective that life is not only about myself but raising the next generation to be good people. 



How did you discover passive investing through real estate syndications?


I first heard of syndications through multiple physician real estate blogs and facebook groups years ago. However I had years of “analysis paralysis” where I only looked at deals but never got involved with a deal. After a while, I found Goodegg and believed in the people behind Goodegg (Julie and Annie) and invested in my first deal about 3 years ago.


Tell us about your experience investing in syndications.


We have done 8 deals through Goodegg and while it is always nice to have the passive cash flow monthly, it is also a way for me to invest for my family’s future outside of typical 401K retirement funds. My goal is to keep investing in multiple deals annually and to do 1031 exchanges for deals that successfully exit so that the passive cash flow monthly will increase year to year. Syndications open another method for me and my family to be financially secure, to have another avenue to invest and generate income outside of the stock market that is stable and consistent.


What’s one mindset shift that has happened since investing in real estate?  


My mentality towards money is different now. Instead of finding ways to only spend money, when I get a bonus or a lump sum of cash, I always focus on how I can best invest this to generate future passive income and for that to multiply.




What advice do you have for others who want to follow in your footsteps and create their own life by design?


Life is short and it is easy to buy material things to make you feel good in the short run, but focus on using money to have control of your time and life. Passive income, even if small to begin with, allows you to potentially work one less day a month, and then maybe one less day every 2 weeks, and eventually allows you to even be part time.


When you look down the road into the future, what does your life look like 5, 10, or 20 years from now, and what part will your real estate investments have played in that?


I hope to be an involved husband and father. To be able to go running, hiking and camping with our two boys and my wife using time that I control.  And lastly, to be able to control my work shifts to work less in part because of the multiple streams of passive income.



If you could share anything with those who are just starting this journey, what would it be?


Analysis paralysis is normal but eventually you need to jump in and invest in a deal and trust in the sponsor is the most important part.


Thank you Jon for sharing your journey with our Goodegg community! 


If you’re interested in being highlighted, please reach out to Janae directly via email [email protected] or text 415.516.1418. We look forward to connecting with you!

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