Dear REA: What do I do with my investors when I have no deals?? 😩

Dear REA…

I haven’t raised for a deal in a few months and don’t have anything on horizon. 

I feel like I’ve hit a dry spell, and I’m not sure what to do with my investors. What do I even tell them? Help!

Waiting For The Rain

Dear Waiting For The Rain…

We totally hear you. The commercial real estate landscape has shifted quite a bit in the last several months, and it can be challenging to find the right deals, particularly with strong returns, low risk, and growth potential.

Kudos to you for not doing a deal just for the sake of doing a deal, but maintaining high standards so that your investors know the opportunities you offer are of the highest quality.

That being said, there’s still the question of what to do with your investors when you have no new deals to send them yet at the same time don’t want to keep them in the dark.

Nurturing your existing investor list is essential to keeping your investors warm, informed, and ready for your next investment opportunity. You’ve worked so hard to find these investors; don’t lose steam by ghosting them now, else they’ll invest with someone else!

Your investors want to hear from you – even if you don’t have any earth shattering news to share with them. They want to get a glimpse behind the scenes, know what you’re up to, understand how you think about investing, and learn everything you know about investing in syndications.

You don’t have to email your investors every day, but you should reach out at least 1-2 times per month so that investors know you’re still out there working hard to find deals for them.

Not sure what to communicate with your investors? Here are some ideas that you can implement this month to stay in front of your investor list:

  • Send out a round-up email with links to relevant real estate news you’re reading
  • Send out a newsletter with stories about what you’re up to (even if they’re not real estate related)
  • Write a ‘State of the Market’ update sharing your thoughts about what’s going on in the economy
  • Write a blog post on what rising interest rates mean for investors
  • Record a video answering the top 3 investor FAQs
  • Host an open office hours session for your investors
  • Post photos of your family on social media
  • Poll your investors – Ask them what assets they are looking for, how much capital they have to invest, when they are looking to make an investments, etc.

It doesn’t matter what type of content or update you send, as long as you send SOMETHING. The last thing you want investors to do is wonder where you went and question whether your lack of communication is any indication of the service they can expect from you.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and connect with your investors! When you launch your next deal, you’ll be glad that you did the work of keeping your investors warm.

Always in your corner,

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The Funnies

Why did the investor put his money in the freezer?

Because he wanted cold, hard cash!

What type of investment do Wall Street traders call a “007?”

A bond.

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