Dear REA: What are some ideas to engage with my investor list this month?
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     Dear REA…

    The year is coming to a close fast, what are some ideas to engage with my investor list this month?


    End-of-year Eddie

    Dear End-of-year Eddie…

    As 2023 hurtles toward its close with an equally mounting list of to-do’s, even the smallest of things can overwhelm you. Your investors have been alongside you this year, and even though it may be easy to go quiet, it couldn’t be more important to reaffirm the relationships you’ve worked so hard to create within your community.

    Here are some ideas that you can use to engage with your investors and strengthen your relationship with them as we head into the new year:

    Share A Year-End Recap: What are all of the things you accomplished this year? Nothing is too small to celebrate! Here are some ideas…

    • Number of acquisitions
    • How long you have been in business
    • Number of investors
    • Successful exits
    • Dollars distributed to investors
    • Dollars invested in opportunities
    • Portfolio recap
    • Highlight an in-person event
    • Spotlight one of your investors

    Your investors want to be a part of your journey, share and celebrate the wins you’ve had along the way! If you want to see our 2022 Year-End-Review from last year, respond to this email.

    Ask For Feedback: Check in with your investors to understand what opportunities they are interested in, areas of improvement from you, or things that you are doing great! This can be done through surveys, meetings, or directly with each investor.

    Do you want to see the exact polls and emails we have sent to our investors? Respond to this email and we’ll send them over to you.

    Educate Your Investors: With the holidays coming fast, there’s a lot going on, and even though many people are slowing down with work, there are still topics we’ve seen that remain  top of mind with our investors like:

    • Taxes
    • Goal planning
    • State of the market
    • How to get cash flow in this market
    • How to diversify into different asset classes
    • Any new up-and-coming markets
    • Investor success stories

    REA Members: Check out the done-for-you blog posts you have access to on taxesknowing your investing goals, and setting powerful goals. Plus: You can even have ChatGPT create a variation of these blog posts, which you can use as scripts for your videos!

    Post To Social Media: Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

    • Share your holiday decor at home
    • Share holiday decor/activities at one of your properties
    • What are your holiday plans and what role did real estate investing have in enabling them?
    • Share about any charitable giving or events you’re a part of
    • Share your family’s holiday card
    • Host a giveaway
    • Year-end Tax Tips
    • Use ChatGPT to create a holiday poem for your investors

    Personalized Outreach: Don’t overlook the power of personal connections. Reach out individually to your investors to understand their goals, challenges, and wins in their life right now. Are there any important dates, milestones, or birthdays coming up? Give them a call, send them an email or text and let them know you care about them.

    Send An Investor Gift: A great way to strengthen your investor relationships is through thoughtful gifting. Here are some ideas:

    • High-Quality Pen Set: A classic, elegant gift for the discerning investor.
    • Book on Investment Strategies or Market Trends: Fuel their passion for knowledge.
    • Personalized letter: Write them yourself or use a service like SimplyNoted or Handwryttn and let them do the writing for you!
    • Branded gear: This could be a travel mug or t-shirt, but could also be other practical items like a desk organizer or notebook. Vistaprint can help you easily create and ship out all different types of branded gear like mugs, keychains, shirts, and more!
    • Charitable Donation in their name: Show you care about what they care about.

    This list may seem like an overwhelming sea of tasks, but we challenge you to choose ONE of these ideas and implement them in your business. Take this opportunity to solidify the work you’ve put in this year and carry that momentum into 2024.

    Always in your corner,

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    Remember that you can search through the vault of REA Blogs to find done-for-you copy-and-paste content to make it super simple to stay in touch with your investors. #easypeasy

    If you want more customized support, come to the next REA Hackathon, or reach out to see if REA Edge might be right for your ongoing marketing needs.


    We know it can be a lot of work to find investors and keep them warm. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel or do it alone! We’re here to support.

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