Dear Investor – A Letter For YOU – From The Money In Your Bank Account
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    Hi friend,

    It’s me – the money sitting in your bank account! Some people call me moolah, bacon, dough, buckaroos, nuggets, dinero, smackers, or even – my personal favorite – frog skins. 🐸

    Ah yes, it’s good to be me. Everyone’s always talking about me. Money this, cash that. I’m not gonna lie, it feels pretty good to be wanted all the time.

    Here’s the thing though, and this is the reason I’m writing to you. You see, if I’m being totally honest, I’m getting just a tad bit bored in here.

    Sure, I don’t have to stress about work, sitting through traffic, cooking dinner, or anything like that.

    But, sitting around all day every day can wear you down too, ya know. 😪

    The highlight of my days is that every month, I get to earn you a bit of interest. It’s not a lot, but it’s something. That’s the one day I feel like I have a true purpose. It’s like, I’m sitting here all by myself, and suddenly – boop! There are a few more cents sitting in here with me.

    Don’t laugh, it’s the most exciting thing for idle cash like me. But here’s the thing. I’m ready for more action. I want to see the world!

    I’m locked up in this savings account all day, but I’ve heard stories through the grapevine of other money that’s been put to work, to make a real difference. 💸

    Money that is…

    And that – that’s what I want to do too! So please, put me to work. I’ve enjoyed my time resting here, and I know that I provide you some level of comfort as I sit here, but I know that I’m meant for something greater.

    Let me help you. I know I can help you make more money. Not just interest, but true passive income. You won’t have to lift a finger, I promise! I’ll do all the hard work.

    Plus, I hear that some of my money friends were put to work through a company called Goodegg Investments, and I hear that they have room for me too. 😉

    So, will you? Will you think about it? Pleeeeease?

    Yours truly,

    Froggy Pants 🐸

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    If you’re reading this, you should know – we received this letter earlier today, addressed to you, so we figured we’d pass it along. Sounds like this “Froggy Pants” character is pretty desperate to be put to work to generate passive income.

    Look, we don’t want to get in the way between you and your money, but if you’re feeling stuck and not sure how best to put your money to work for you, that’s what we’re here for! 

    Just check out some of these testimonials from other idle cash we’ve helped put to work:

    • “I was so bored, but now I have a true purpose!” – Franklin B. Money
    • “I was totally aimless, not sure what I was supposed to do, but now I’ve doubled myself!” – Benjamin J. Bankroller
    • “I helped my person create true passive income so they could quit their job!” – Sally M. Piggybank

    So, if you have some idle cash sitting in your bank account (which, based on this letter, it sounds like you might), start by checking out our open investment opportunities, and help put your bored money to work for you today.

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    Annie Dickerson

    Annie Dickerson

    Annie Dickerson is an award-winning real estate investing expert with 15+ years of real estate investing experience. Annie is the Founder & Chief Brand Officer of Goodegg Investments – an award-winning boutique real estate investment firm.


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