The Evolution Of An Entrepreneur: The Unexpected Magic Of Annie’s Journey
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    Have you ever started something for one reason, only to find the impact it had on your current life was way different and bigger than you could have ever imagined? 

    It’s like how becoming a parent is actually a big self-development journey. 

    Or starting a new workout regime can shift your perspective because of the new energy it brings to how you live life. 

    This was Annie Dickerson and Julie Lam’s experience in partnering up and creating Goodegg Investments. 

    Taking You Behind The Scenes 

    When Annie and Julie joined forces, they had no idea that the expansive, confronting journey of self-discovery and transformation was waiting for them alongside founding a business. 

    In addition to becoming entrepreneurs, Annie and Julie got their own journey into Life By Design, and what it can reveal for and about your life. If you’re curious to hear this in Annie and Julie’s own words, check out Episode 200 of the Life and Money Show: Celebrating Growth, Gratitude, and the Next Chapter.

    Our investor community often wants to learn more about Annie and Julie – how they got here, and what they’ve learned along the way. We’re excited to answer the call with part one of a two-part series that will give you a glimpse into Annie and Julie’s journeys, alongside their key books and resources that have played an important part in their evolution and overall journey.

    It’s our hope that, with a glimpse into their own journeys and the books they’ve read along the way, you’ll not only get a better sense of who Annie and Julie are as people but also get some ideas regarding books and resources to explore as part of your own journey.

    An Insight That Could Change Your Life

    When our incredible investors join the Goodegg family, they often come with the dream of financial freedom. They want out of their corporate job, they’re real estate investors who never want to be a landlord again, or want to regain control over their own life. Helping you to reach those goals is a big part of what we do here at Goodegg.

    However, what we’ve found with many investors is that, even once they invest in a few deals and achieve the benefits of passive investing, while there may be some initial excitement, there’s also often a yearning for something more. 

    That’s because, as we often say, real estate and investing are not the be all and end all. Even money in and of itself isn’t the be all and end all. They are all tools – stepping stones, if you will – to get you from where you are to where you ultimately want to be. And this is where a Life By Design comes in.

    Rather than a Life By Default, in which you live your life with blinders on and walk the “typical” path of climb-the-corporate-ladder-for-forty-years-and-hope-to-retire-with-enough-money-for-the-rest-of-your-life, a Life By Design is one in which you truly open your eyes and start to discover with clarity the ideal life that you want to live, regardless of what conventional wisdom says.

    And that’s the power of daring to step outside your comfort zone, looking beyond what you’ve always been told, and trying something new. For Annie and Julie, books have been a big part of pushing those boundaries and opening their eyes to the possibilities, which is why we wanted to give you a glimpse into some of the books they’ve read, as well as insights they’ve gleaned along the way. 

    With that, let’s dive into Annie’s story.

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    A Vision To Change The World

    Since childhood, Annie has always wanted to change the world. While the ‘how’ behind this vision has shifted as an adult, the mission remains intact. 

    Early on, Annie realized that her biggest lever in being able to impact others was to become the best version of herself she possibly could be. The daughter of immigrant parents, Annie is a high achiever and hustler. Her dedication led to an Ivy League education, and eventually an exciting career. 

    A teacher at heart, Annie brought her masterful way of distilling complex topics into resources that are easy to comprehend, and dare we say…fun (like all the educational content you enjoy here) to every step of her career journey. This took her to a range of industries, locations, and eventually to becoming an entrepreneur. 

     When she uncovered the potential in Passive Real Estate Investing, Annie used her abilities to create resources to start teaching friends and family about her new passion. Along the way, she realized how she could support others, and she ran toward it headfirst. 

    She thought the road to ultimate fulfillment was financial freedom, and living into Goodegg’s mission.

    Can Money Buy Happiness? 

    Due to Annie and Julie’s hustle, Goodegg experienced significant success early on. This enabled Annie to take her family on the luxury vacations from her vision boards, and play with more flexible income in her daily life. 

     However, Annie quickly learned that the sparkle of hotel suites and fancy vacations brought her fleeting happiness, rather than lasting fulfillment. She found that the same worries that existed in her day-to-day followed her to a beachfront view, and this gave her another clue in her path to a Life By Design.

    You can listen to her experience in this episode of the Life and Money Show: Can Money Buy Happiness

    Now: re-enter the ‘what you think will happen when you start something’ part of this post. 

    Though Annie didn’t know it at the time, she had been planting seeds for an even bigger transformation than being a business owner. The tools, programs, coaching, retreats, and resources that Annie sought out to help her grow as an entrepreneur expanded her heart, body and mind in a bigger, and unexpected way. She was embarking on a journey to build her Life By Design.

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    Listening To The Universe

    When you hear success tales of high performers, and their lifestyles, you often get a front row seat to the hustle and hard work they invested. You likely hear how they worked on their mindset, and through it, were able to grit it out through the tough obstacles that inevitably come when doing something meaningful. 

    What you don’t see is the part where the heroine lets life guide them to the information or people they need to know. This means paying attention to the little synchronicities, desires, and feelings that are always trying to support us, and surrendering to the information.

    This is one of the most magical parts about Annie. She committed to living her life wide awake, and open to everything that life was going to place in her path. After she realllllllyyy put in the work to Goodegg, she was willing to be honest with herself and listen to the nagging feeling she had that something was missing. 

    Somewhere deep down, she knew there was something more waiting for her, and she answered the call. One of the greatest sources of wisdom and education that she found was through books.  

    The Mystery Of A Used Bookstore 

    In Annie’s words from a 2023 instagram post: “This year more than in any other, my ravenous hunger for reading swept me off my feet, took me to new heights, broadened my perspectives, and challenged what I knew to be true.” 

    Annie had a very particular, and fun way that she sought out books to learn from. 

    Trusting that she would be guided to what she would need to find, Annie routinely went to a used bookstore, and let life take over. The mystery and mystique of this is that she did no planning, and had no idea what she would find when she started. Letting herself skim the titles, and covers, she followed the nudges to the books that caught her attention.

    Without fail, she would walk away with a stack that would give her her next clue or key insight…and exactly at the right moment when she needed it. 

    Her path, unintentionally, led her to spiritual work that may have seemed ‘out there’ or ‘woo woo’ on the surface, but ultimately, opened her mind and heart in ways she never could have anticipated. She read about quantum physics, manifestation, predictions of where society is headed, energy, spirit guides, and more. 

    Perhaps the most fascinating thing about her book stack was that the same ideas – regardless of the piece of work she found them in – were repeated over and over. She could triangulate concepts from authors to scientists to psychics, each of whom brought their own flair to their work, but ultimately, were saying the same thing. 

    Each book held a dare to be willing to be honest with yourself, or see the world with new eyes as a means of achieving your ideal life. And, many contained a focus on analyzing what really lights you up, as a means of getting comfortable in your skin. It led to more clarity and focus of who Annie really was when all the labels and stories she had carried for her whole life were stripped away.

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    Annie’s Bookshelf

    To give you a peek into Annie’s journey, we have pulled the titles of all the books Annie read in 2023, and we have thematically pulled a few of her favorites. Remember – the goal of sharing this list with you is not so that you go and read all these same books yourself (unless some of the titles jump out at you) – but rather, to give you a glimpse into what an open-ended journey of self-discovery can look like.

    An important caveat to Annie’s process: Annie viewed a book worthwhile if she found one line, paragraph, idea or insight that she could hang on to. It didn’t matter if the work in its totality stuck with her. This mindset took the pressure off, and led to a curiosity and openness where the books could deliver the specific magic they intended. 

    For embracing her whole self, perfectly imperfect flaws and all, and where she is at on her journey: 

    For tangible insights and guidelines to live by, which have changed her life in meaningful ways:

    For books that stretched the limits of what her mind thought was possible or “real” and gave new perspectives to expand her awareness and consciousness:

    For an honest, vulnerable share that sparked her for the courage it takes to put oneself out there [she acknowledges this was ghostwritten]:

    For the full journey, here’s the list of all the books Annie read in 2023, along with the dates she completed each book, as well as her top recommendations (noted with a ❤️) to give you a firsthand look at her journey of evolution:

    1. Normal People, by Sally Rooney – 1/26/23
    2. The Power of TED, by David Emerald – 2/5/23
    3. The Soulmate Equation, by Christina Lauren – 2/8/23
    4. The Sacred Enneagram, by Christopher Heuertz – 2/15/23 ❤️
    5. The Reconnection, by Eric Pearl – 2/17/23 ❤️
    6. The Field, by Lynne McTaggart – 2/27/24 ❤️
    7. Life After Life, by Raymond Moody – 3/1/23
    8. The Direct Path to Healing, by Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer – 3/4/23
    9. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, by Deepak Chopra – 3/5/23 ❤️
    10. The Enneagram of Belonging, by Christopher Heuertz – 3/12/23
    11. Sacred Contracts, by Caroline Myss – 3/23/23 
    12. Think Like A Monk, by Jay Shetty – 3/26/23
    13. Physics of the Soul, by Amit Goswami – 3/29/23
    14. The Richest Man in Babylon, by George Clason – 4/5/23
    15. Being Twice Exceptional, by Melanie Hayes – 4/14/23
    16. Burnout, by Emily and Amelia Nagoski – 4/16/23 ❤️
    17. Life on Earth, by Mike Dooley – 4/19/23
    18. Soul Shifts, by Barbara DeAngelis – 4/29/23
    19. Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul, by Arielle Ford – 5/10/23
    20. Miracles Happen, by Brian and Amy Weiss – 5/18/23
    21. The Book You Were Born to Write, by Kelly Notaras – 5/21/23
    22. Born Knowing, by John Holland – 5/23/23
    23. The Intention Experiment, by Lynne McTaggart – 6/3/23 ❤️
    24. Spiritual Turning Points, by Victoria Marina-Tompkins – 6/3/23
    25. Same Soul, Many Bodies, by Brian Weiss – 6/5/23 ❤️
    26. I Didn’t Believe Any of This Hippie Dippy Bulls**t Either, by Julie Rasmussen – 6/6/23
    27. Finding Your Element, by Ken Robinson – 6/8/23
    28. Higher Purpose, by Robert Holden – 6/9/23
    29. Messages from Spirit, by Colette Baron-Reid – 6/10/23
    30. Two Weeks Notice, by Amy Porterfield – 6/12/23
    31. Power of the Soul, by John Holland – 6/15/23
    32. Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert – 6/20/23 ❤️
    33. Dying to Be Me, by Anita Moorjani – 6/25/23 ❤️
    34. When, by Daniel Pink – 6/25/23
    35. Metahuman, by Deepak Chopra – 6/28/23
    36. Sensitive Is the New Strong, by Anita Moorjani – 6/30/23
    37. Ayahuasca, by Javier Regueiro – 7/4/23
    38. A Return to Love, by Marianne Williamson – 7/7/23
    39. Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui, by Karen Kingston – 7/12/23
    40. Glow in the F*cking Dark, by Tara Schuster – 7/17/23
    41. Blessed Are the Weird, by Jacob Nordby – 8/2/23 ❤️
    42. The Fellowship of the River, by Joseph Tafur – 8/4/23
    43. Find Your People, by Jennie Allen – 8/20/23 ❤️
    44. The Spirit Whisperer, by John Holland – 8/28/23
    45. The Surrendered Wife, by Laura Doyle – 9/12/23
    46. The Empowered Wife, by Laura Doyle – 9/22/23 ❤️
    47. When Things Fall Apart, by Pema Chodron – 9/29/23 ❤️
    48. The Seeker’s Code, by Donny Epstein – 10/4/23
    49. The Golden Future, by Diana Cooper – 10/9/23 ❤️
    50. Delirium, by Lauren Oliver – 10/17/23
    51. The Gender Creative Child, by Diane Ehrensaft – 10/22/23
    52. The Instruction, by Ainslie MacLeod – 10/26/23
    53. Pandemonium, by Lauren Oliver – 10/30/23
    54. Requiem, by Lauren Oliver – 11/4/23
    55. This Is How It Always Is, by Laurie Frankel – 11/13/23
    56. Nine Days of Eternity, by Anke Evertz – 11/19/23
    57. Lost in Time, by Mary Sutherland – 11/23/23
    58. How to Own Your Own Mind, by Napoleon Hill – 11/25/23
    59. Burned Out to Lit Up, by Cara Houser – 12/2/23
    60. Lemuria and Atlantis, by Shirley Andrews – 12/3/23
    61. How We Live Is How We Die, by Pema Chodron – 12/15/23
    62. Spare, by Prince Harry – 12/26/23 ❤️
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    How You Can Take Your Own Journey 

    One big takeaway from Annie’s journey is how important it is to continue to stretch our thinking, beliefs, and, on a bigger scheme, the way we’re living our lives. And, that learning about ourselves is really a forever journey. 

    The combo of good, honest hard work, and listening and paying attention to what’s around you, takes practice. Many of us have mastered the hard work part (as evidenced by burn out culture), but the second piece of paying attention is where the opportunity can form. How can you start to tune into that other force – the one that drove Annie’s pursuits – that’s always working for us if we let it?

    Give it a whirl. Head to your local used bookstore and see what’s waiting for you there. You may be surprised how easily you’re guided to a piece of information that will support you in planning your Life By Design

    Next Steps

    We hope hearing the story of a successful entrepreneur’s journey and lifestyle gives evidence of what’s possible when you allow yourself to be guided. It can be as simple as spending a day paying attention to what’s around you and watching where it takes you.

    One way to free up your time, while letting your money work for you, is investing through real estate syndications (group investments). This will enable you to stay on target of your financial goals, while also stepping closer to your Life By Design.  

    As a first step, we invite you to join the Goodegg Investor Club, so we can keep you in the loop on insights, as well as opportunities to invest alongside us in real estate syndications, if that’s the right fit for you.

    You can also check out our open deals page to learn more about our current or upcoming opportunities.

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    Kim Knievel

    Kim Knievel

    Kim is a former collegiate athlete, Communications and Events Leader, Wife, Mom, and student of soulful studies focused on helping people find more purpose and meaning in their lives. You’ll find Kim writing pieces on the Goodegg Investments Blog, primarily focused on tools to build your own Life By Design, and the big role real estate investing can play in the journey.


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