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50 Completely Serious Reasons NOT To Invest In Real Estate

It seems, these days, that everyone is trying to convince you to invest in something. Buy this stock! Buy crypto now! This annuity will provide you income for life!

But what are these people really after, you wonder. Why are they trying to make you more money, when all you want to do is work your 9-to-5, watch a movie, go to bed, and wake up and do it all again the next day.

You like your steady paycheck and your boring life and the promise of retirement, 30 years down the road. You don’t want to be bothered, you don’t like trying new things, and you definitely don’t like this real estate thing, whatever the heck it is.

Well, have I got the thing for you.

This here is the ultimate guide to all the excuses you could possibly think of to avoid investing in real estate.

So the next time one of those high-fallutin’ real estate investors knocks on your door, just be sure to spout out these 50 reasons you would never put your hard-earned money into real estate, and I guarantee that they’ll leave you alone.

So, without further ado, here it is, the do-all, be-all, end-all list of excuses to hoard your money, procrastinate, and never invest in real estate.

50 Reasons NOT to Invest in Real Estate

1. You really love your savings account.

2. You like paying taxes.

3. You’d rather own paper than a physical building.

4. Your mattress would not be as comfy without all that cash stuffed under it.

5. You’re wary of the term “mailbox money.”

6. You want to make sure stock brokers get their fees. After all, they don’t make very much money.

7. You prefer buying CDs. Either the banking product or the music variety. We won’t judge.

8. You’d rather work for your money than receive passive income for doing nothing.

9. You want to teach your kids good ol’ fashioned values, including putting every penny into a savings account.

10. You don’t mind losing money to inflation. Life is more fun when you know the money you’ve saved is worth less today than yesterday.

11. You prefer the volatility of the stock market. #exhilaratingnotexhilarating

12. You like investing in funds and the thrill of not knowing exactly where your money is going.

13. Tax deductions are for wimps.

14. You don’t want any part in appreciating assets.

15. The real estate bubble could pop at any moment, but the stock market is steady and never crashes.

16. You love climbing the corporate ladder and never want to stop.

17. Financial freedom? No way. Golden handcuffs are the way to go.

18. Being someone’s landlord would make you seem older somehow.

19. You’d rather your money go toward making a company’s Superbowl ad cooler, than make someone’s home safer and cleaner.

20. You’ve done your taxes the exact same way using Turbo Tax for 20 years and don’t want any new-fangled investments or passive income to mess that up.

21. Your life savings is also your emergency fund. You need immediate access to every cent of it at any given moment.

22. You prefer buying gold, because you plan to be a pirate someday. Arrrr.

23. You’d rather spend money on a fancy car that will be worth more in 10 years than it is today. Oh wait…

24. Real estate investing has too much jargon, and you’d rather die than have to learn any new terminology.

25. What’s leverage, again?

26. You’re too busy mining crytocurrency.

27. You want your paycheck to be the only income you generate. #activeincomeorbust

28. You like seeing the red and green arrows on stock tickers.

29. You don’t believe in diversification.

30. You don’t want anything to do with cash flow.

31. No one has ever become a millionaire investing in real estate.

32. Wait. Actually, 90 percent of the world’s millionaires have become millionaires through investing in real estate. You’d rather be among the other 10 percent. Because, you’re a rare bird, and you’d like to stay that way, thank you very much.

33. You have a brilliant idea for the next big thing. It’s the Facebook-meets-Uber-meets-Twitter-meets-Salesforce of the bumper sticker world. Everyone’s going to want one, and you’d rather sink all your money into that.

34. You prefer giving your money to panhandlers. They seem super nice.

35. You want to work for your money, rather than make your money work for you.

36. You don’t invest in anything that could make you more than 10 percent in returns. Because, that’s just plain ridiculous.

37. You hate rainbows and unicorns and anything fun.

38. Saving 3 percent or so of your earnings will be more than enough for retirement. No need to make any additional money.

39. No one ever taught you about real estate in school. So, it must not be a good thing to invest in.

40. All the richest and most successful people are investing in real estate, and you certainly don’t want to be associated with them.

41. Trading stocks reminds you of trading beanie babies. Which, you were definitely not crazy about nor did you have a closet full of them.

42. You would hate it if you got a deposit of cash in your account for doing nothing.

43. You like the control of investing in stocks and being able to personally and directly influence the price of Google or Apple stocks. Oh wait…

44. You like being able to call up CEOs directly to ask about your stock values.

45. You like knowing that the moment you stop working, you’ll stop making money.

46. What if a tenant’s toilet breaks? You would have to fix it yourself, because you’re the only person in the world who knows how to fix toilets.

47. Everyone else seems to be investing in stocks. And you like to follow the crowd.

48. The government seems full of nice, hard-working people who are doing a stellar job, and you want to be sure to pay them as much in taxes as you can.

49. You want all your money in one account, because you can only remember a single username and password.

50. People may suddenly decide they don’t need roofs over their heads or indoor plumbing or modern appliances.

See? Didn’t I tell you this would be the ultimate guide? With this list, you will be real-estate-investor-proof. Ironclad. No real estate investor will ever get a dime from you, no way.

Be sure to download this list, print it out, and post it by your bed so you can memorize it and have it at the ready any time anyone even mentions the word real estate.

What’s Holding You Back from Investing in Real Estate?

What are the reasons you’re hanging on to for not investing in real estate? Or if you have invested, what was it that finally got you into it?